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Hi All,

We now have 2 PvP Arenas!

Firstly we have the majestic Free For All Deathmatch Arena by Bluie, aptly named BlooArena!

Secondly we have a duel arena designed by ProSpect called ProArena :)

To have a deathmatch simply type /pa BlooArena - this will need 3 players to start.

If you want to have a duel with someone, simply challenge them to a duel at the ProArena!

The command for a duel is /pa ProArena duel <player>

We will have more arenas coming soon, such as Spleef and Capture the Flag!

If you want you can even design your own and ask me to turn it into an arena of your choice :)
Hi All,

I've made some changes to PreciousStones to further balance the game and to not make other plugins redundant.

The following fields have now been disabled:
  • City Protection
  • City Plot
  • Grief Revert
  • Repair Stone
The following fields have been changed:
  • God Stone
    • God Stone is now a Diamond Block
Hi All,

Just an update to the chat functionality today.

I didn't really like the way the clans plugin handle the clan and ally chats so I decided to disable them and write my own method for handling it.

Now not only can you chat to your clan and allies as before but you can also type the respective commands with no message to toggle into that chat channel, this will then send all your messages directly into clan or ally chat.

Not only this but the formatting has been updated to fit into the Pawncraft style of chat so that everything feels right.

The commands are the same, however you now have a few more aliases to choose from:

clan chat:
  1. /.
  2. /cc
  3. /clanchat
ally chat:
  1. /alc
  2. /ally
  3. /allyc
  4. /allychat
Please note that there may be bugs as I was only able to test with myself, if you notice anything strange please let me know!