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Good Day Everyone!

Today is a minor, but very important update.

We have introduced a new command for you which will be very helpful for ensuring that the server is free of griefers and all-round bad peoples.

This new command allows you to report any rule breakings and if you know the player breaking the rules you can include them in the report easily so that we can deal with the situation quickly. What is also great is that if you make the report while next to a grief we will be able to teleport to the exact location that you were at when you created the report, so we can quickly find the grief you are talking about and fix it.

When an admin logs in they'll instantly be notified about any open reports and between us we are able to look into the reports, update notes on the reports, set their priorities and most importantly, resolve them.

Now to report someone it's as simple as this:

/report <Player/!/*> <details>
Reports a player with the details of the offense. ! and * if the player name is not known.

For example if I had been harassing you you could simply do "/report Pawned He keeps insulting me and using swears!" or if someone has griefed your house you could do "/report * Someone has griefed my house! There is lava everywhere!".

I hope you enjoy the update.
Hey All,

Just to make you all aware (if you aren't already) there is an issue with Nether Portals in the main world which for some reason aren't linking correctly (which causes multiple portals to be made when travelling between the Nether and Pawnworld). I am looking into the issue but it is seeming as if the world is corrupt so I am unsure if there will be anything I can do to resolve the issue.

In positive news we now have a new world I like to call SkyLands. The world is made up of a series of floating lands and is a great place to explore, admire and build a home in. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots to share but you can visit the World Map to get an idea of what the world is like before you go there in-game.

In more good news, the nether world that is linked to SkyLands functions normally, so while the portals are malfunctioning in Pawnworld you can instead travel to SkyLands and create a portal there to access the SkyLands nether to gather your resources.
Good Day Everyone,

Another update is out!

Today we have some updates to the chat - this won't directly affect you but here are a list of the updates to the chat system:
  • Anti Spam
  • Anti Bot
  • Basic Grammar Filtration
  • Basic Swear Filtration
  • Basic "This Server Sucks!" etc. Filtration
and we now also have mailboxes, but this time they're physical!
How does it work?
  1. Craft a mailbox. The recipe is like an iron helmet in the lower-half with a chest in the center of the helmet and a piece of wool in the top-right.
  2. Craft some stationery. The recipe is shapeless, just a feather and a piece of paper.
  3. Write a letter on the stationery. Stationery is just a cheap Book and Quill that cannot be traded with villagers. If the first line is in the format of [Subject:my subject] , the letter's name will include the subject after being signed.
  4. Attach an item to the stationery if you like. Just click the item you want to attach in your inventory and click the stationery with it. If you want to take it back off, click the stationery and right-click any empty slot.
  5. Sign the book with the recipient's name.
  6. Right-click any mailbox with that signed stationery (now a letter or package depending on if you attached items).
  7. The recipient will then receive the letter/package in his/her mailbox either immediately or at the time of day specified in the config.
  8. The recipient can then read the letter and detach the contents if there are any.
*If the recipient's mailbox is full, the book won't be sent and the sender will be notified.

Hope you enjoy the update.