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Hey All,

Another crazy addition for you today, in the form of AutoCrafters!

What is an AutoCrafter you ask? Well an AutoCrafter is a handy machine which automatically crafts you items every time it receives a redstone pulse.

You simply put in what you want it to craft, put your materials in 1 chest and it will then output the crafted item in another chest.

For full instructions, see below:
  1. To begin get a dispenser and name it AutoCrafter. Then place it down.
  2. The output chest should be place on the side the dispenser is facing. The input chest should be opposite the output.
  3. The item you want crafted should be placed inside the dispenser.(If more then one is supplied they are randomly picked from to craft.)
  4. The final thing that must be done is a redstone pulse every time you want the item crafted. (Unless its enchanted with infinity.)

Making them faster!
To make the crafters craft more items per redstone signal you can enchant them with efficiency. The amount of items is equal to the level of efficiency plus 1.

Make them work Automatically!
To make the crafters run anytime they have a redstone signal you just have to enchant them with Infinity.
Hey Everybody!

Today I'd like to announce that we now have loot crates on the server.

There are 3 loot crates, all offering different rewards which you can get at random.

You will need a physical key to use the crates and the keys can be obtain in 2 ways:

1 method is via voting streaks. You will get a Basic Key if you vote for 7 days in a row, a Basic & Elite Key if you vote for 2 weeks in a row and a Basic, Elite & Pawntastic Key if you vote for 2 months in a row.

The second method is by donating. You can buy a Basic Key for £1, an Elite Key for £2.50 and a Pawntastic Key for £5.

You can find the crates to use your Keys on at /gs in the main world.

If you have any suggestions for items that could be added into the Crates, please let me know.
Hi All,

Small but significant bug fix, items with data values (e.g. shields with banners, chisel, etc.) now persist when logging out and back in.

Previously, if these items were kept in your inventory they would lose their data value upon relog, only way to stop this would be to store them in a chest before logging out and back in.

Happy to say this is now resolved.