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Hey All,

Just to make you all aware (if you aren't already) there is an issue with Nether Portals in the main world which for some reason aren't linking correctly (which causes multiple portals to be made when travelling between the Nether and Pawnworld). I am looking into the issue but it is seeming as if the world is corrupt so I am unsure if there will be anything I can do to resolve the issue.

In positive news we now have a new world I like to call SkyLands. The world is made up of a series of floating lands and is a great place to explore, admire and build a home in. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots to share but you can visit the World Map to get an idea of what the world is like before you go there in-game.

In more good news, the nether world that is linked to SkyLands functions normally, so while the portals are malfunctioning in Pawnworld you can instead travel to SkyLands and create a portal there to access the SkyLands nether to gather your resources.
Good Day Everyone,

Another update is out!

Today we have some updates to the chat - this won't directly affect you but here are a list of the updates to the chat system:
  • Anti Spam
  • Anti Bot
  • Basic Grammar Filtration
  • Basic Swear Filtration
  • Basic "This Server Sucks!" etc. Filtration
and we now also have mailboxes, but this time they're physical!
How does it work?
  1. Craft a mailbox. The recipe is like an iron helmet in the lower-half with a chest in the center of the helmet and a piece of wool in the top-right.
  2. Craft some stationery. The recipe is shapeless, just a feather and a piece of paper.
  3. Write a letter on the stationery. Stationery is just a cheap Book and Quill that cannot be traded with villagers. If the first line is in the format of [Subject:my subject] , the letter's name will include the subject after being signed.
  4. Attach an item to the stationery if you like. Just click the item you want to attach in your inventory and click the stationery with it. If you want to take it back off, click the stationery and right-click any empty slot.
  5. Sign the book with the recipient's name.
  6. Right-click any mailbox with that signed stationery (now a letter or package depending on if you attached items).
  7. The recipient will then receive the letter/package in his/her mailbox either immediately or at the time of day specified in the config.
  8. The recipient can then read the letter and detach the contents if there are any.
*If the recipient's mailbox is full, the book won't be sent and the sender will be notified.

Hope you enjoy the update.
Hi Guys,

More updates! :D

Firstly shops are now active again. But not the good old sign shops you know and love, instead we now have Chest Shops. These work in a very similar way though so don't worry, it's nothing complicated :)

To create a Chest Shop simply place down a chest, put what you want to sell inside and then place a sign on it. When creating your sign leave the first line blank (this will automatically put your name on it), the second line will be at what quantity your items will sell in (for example, 5 would give them 5 of whatever item you're selling when they buy from your shop), the third line will be your price(s). You can just put B 100 if you want the sell-back to be the same price as the buy price but I personally would have the sell-back price lower than the buy price. To have a different buy and sell price simply put for example B 100:50 S - this would allow them to buy the items you're selling for 100 Pawn but if they wanted to sell back the items they would only make 50 Pawn.

Buying and selling to shops is as simple as right-clicking and left-clicking. Right-click the sign to buy and Left-click the sign to sell. Simples!


Secondly we now have the ability to edit signs, instead of going through the cumbersome break sign, make new sign everytime you make a mistake.

Now you can simply look at your sign and type one of the following commands:
  • /signedit <line> <text> - Change the text on <line> to match that in <text>
  • /signedit cancel - Cancel the current edit
  • /signedit help - Display a help dialogue
  • /signedit copy <parameters> - copy a sign a number of times; choose a #, persist (infinite), or take the default
Now due to security issues this could cause we will be keeping LWC running, however LWC will only protect signs and nothing else so you do still need to switch your...