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Hi All,

As the title suggests, /tpa is back. This means that anyone with VIP rank or above can request to teleport to another player by simply typing /tpa <name>.

Have fun!
Ever wanted to get that fancy rainbro rank, but never had the money to get it?

Well now you can! (assuming you have enough Pawn)

Introducing the Rank Shop!

Head on over to the admin shop at Mart Mall, charge up those stairs and furiously right-click the [RankShop] sign to buy yourself 30 days of glorious benefits without having to spend a dime (of real money)!
Hi All,

Another update (I'm on a roll!) today, moving/smooth elevators!

I won't go into detail as I'm sure you know what an elevator is, so please see instructions below for how to create your own!

You can find an example elevator on the Creative world @ -298, ,92

1) Create the bottom floor with iron blocks. An elevator can be as small as 1 block or as big as 15 blocks in any shape. Smaller areas will have less lag. Make sure the lift iron blocks don't touch any other iron in the building -- the plugin doesn't know the difference!

2) Next create the floor's control panel. On a wall place the following blocks. The signs and buttons must be "over" one of the iron base blocks.

[​IMG] - Required sign, leave blank for now
[​IMG] - Button
[​IMG] - Optional sign with floor name on first or second line
[​IMG] - Iron floor block you just placed.

3) Create the elevator shaft. To create a new floor platform use glass blocks instead of iron. Like the first floor over one of the glass blocks create the floor interface.

[​IMG] - Required sign, leave blank for now
[​IMG] - Button
[​IMG] - Optional sign with floor name on second line

4) Make sure the shaft is clear of all obstructions except for floor glass, buttons and signs. Torches and vines are also allowed in the elevator shaft.

5) To use your elevator right click the sign above the button to select a destination floor. The sign will automatically add the correct information.