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Good Day Everyone,

Another update for you all.

I have implemented some nice Minecart features for everyone! :)

We now have all of the functionality of Minecart Mania (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/minecartmania-reborn/) as well as the ability to create trains (simply place multiple carts down and push them together, you'll see a smoke animation to let you know they have joined up).

Furthermore we have "hang-rails" which allows minecarts to be lifted off the ground by iron fences. Simply place iron fences 2 blocks above the track as the track ends and the carts will do the rest.


We are now also able to create fully automated train systems which arrive at specific destinations at specific times, so we can have a fully functioning and realistic train system in-game.

To find out how to use everything please go to this wiki page: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Custom_servers/Bukkit/TrainCarts
Hope you all enjoy the update and look forward to seeing what fun you can make with carts (A wicked roller coaster using hang-rails would be awesome, someone get on it!)
I will be very much less active now that Pawned is back to manage his server. It was my original intention to try to keep the server afloat to the best of my ability until he was able to find time back from work and his busy hectic lifestyle of life and paddle biking across the English Channel (joking :p ).

I'll still be on "reserve" if there aren't any staff online and remain to do grief reports or rollbacks/etc. As to the actual management of the server, that will be back to Pawned unless I'm needed for anything else. Don't worry, I'll still be here when I'm not busy with my Free Company involvement in FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14 for you casuals) or playing Fallout 4.
Hi All,

I'm still pumping out the updates. We have upgraded the server back-end which now provides all staff the ability to restart the server if required. It also now has server crash detection so that if the server has crashed it can automatically restart itself and the server is now scheduled to restart every 12 hours if no one is online to ensure that the server is always running smoothly.

In bigger news we are no longer switching to LWC!! Please revert all your chests back to Lockette. LWC will be removed by the end of the year!

We are currently working on a new spawn which I'm hoping you guys will love. This will take a while to finish as we only just started last week, but this gives me the chance to keep making changes to the way the server runs in terms of plugins, etc. so by the time the spawn is ready, the server will be too. This will allow me to go ahead and start marketing our server to pull in new players knowing full well that our server is the place to be.

In the coming updates I'll be making more changes to the back-end (specifically to in-game admin tools), adding some more donator perks and implementing some fun minigames for you to play.