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Pawncraft's Gaming Community.

A wiki has been created by the staff team for Pawncraft. The wiki features numerous articles, from tutorials to information about each member of staff.

Everyone is free to edit the wiki and create articles. The wiki will be moderated and any inappropriate material created will result in a ban from everything related to Pawncraft.

We hope you like the new part of our website.

- Pawncraft Team
Pawncraft 1.2 Map Reset
(Yes, it's happening)
Firstly, let us explain:
In order for us to maintain the great server experience which our members, new and old, have come to expect of us - we need to ensure that our server is always running the most recent version of the game and offering our members the most current version of the Minecraft experience.​
Whilst updating to 1.2 and maintaining the current map may allow us to give you some of the update's features, it will not allow us to bring you them all such as:​
  • Inclusion of 'Jungle' biomes
  • Doubling of building height
  • Effective manipulation of current biomes to scale properly with higher height limit, mountains will be far higher, more sheer etc.
Don't Panic!
We fully understand that you have put a lot of work into your creations in the current map (we have too!) and we're all in the same boat and want this to go as smooth as possible. A couple notes to stop you from panicking prematurely:
  • Your money will still be there after the reset!
  • Had towny before? You still will!
  • Your structures will be subject to an application process, should we decide you meet the criteria for the new map, your entire structure will be brought over!
  • Everyone, regardless of application progress, will be granted two double chests into which they may pack anything which will be brought over unconditionally.
What we need from YOU.
This swapover won't just happen magically, however, we need you guys to pitch in a little too - don't worry though, it's not much effort on your part and will help us ensure that your creations can be considered to come across to the 1.2 world.

The following template will help us locate and copy your structures...
Due to mass griefing (And general uncreativeness.... Mages...) in the Creative world you will now have to make an application to be allowed to build there.

We hope you enjoy the update.

- Pawncraft Team