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Pawncraft's Gaming Community.

You now get rewarded for killing monsters.

Each monster will provide you with a different amount of Pawn.

Friendly animals will not reward you with Pawn, neither will tamed wolves.

In slightly less positive news, it would seem people aren't being rewarded for voting and aren't being logged for voting either. We're working on fixing this, so please don't stop voting.

We hope you enjoy the update.

- Pawncraft Team
You can now connect to the server again via pawncraft.co.uk.

Again, we're sorry about the downtime.

If you still cannot connect to pawncraft.co.uk then please try flushing your DNS by opening up a command prompt (Start -> Run -> CMD) and typing "ipconfig /flushdns".
Sorry about the downtime today!

The server was moved to a new location, so it has been down all day, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

We're sorry for not warning you beforehand, but it was a bit of a sudden (Well, StarScore has been talking about it for a while, but it only popped up yesterday that he was moving today :p).

The server is now up and running however it will take a while for our domain (pawncraft.co.uk) to point to the new IP address.

So in the meantime, you'll have to connect via (though I assume you already know that, considering you're browsing the website via that IP instead of pawncraft.co.uk)...

I also hope you like the new snow animation on the forum. We thought we'd get into the Christmas mood.

- Pawncraft Team