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Pawncraft's Gaming Community.

The server has now been upgraded to 1.0 and the new world is active.

All databases have been reset, meaning you now have 1000 Pawn again, have no items in your inventory and are clan-less.

We hope you enjoy the update and the new world.

- Pawncraft Team
We've implemented online/offline ribbons as well as ribbons to indicate members of staff.

We hope you enjoy the update.

- Pawncraft Team
We've noticed that... Well, pretty much all of you have gone and updated your clients. As a result of this, you're unable to connect to the server, which is still running 1.8.1.

If you'd like to downgrade your client to be able to play on the server again then please download this tool from minecraftforums.

It'll allow you to select any version of MC to downgrade/upgrade your client to. Select 1.8.1 if you wish to play on Pawncraft.


Pawncraft is nearly ready to move to 1.0.0, but is still waiting for a few plugins to update (and for Bukkit to release a recommended build) so until then you'll need to play on 1.8.1.

We hope this post was helpful and you'll continue to enjoy the server.

- Pawncraft Team