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Pawncraft's Gaming Community.

We gots ourselves a new bot on Discord. Because it is so much easier to read this info in a table (which unfortunately we don't have support for on here yet), I have attached a PDF with all of the commands which you can download here: http://pawncraft.co.uk/xf/attachments/alfred-commands-pdf.2273/
Hi Guys,

Just a quick update to let you know that a bug preventing groups from being synced between the forum and the Minecraft server has been fixed.

While the bug was in play the server was able to tell that you were registered on the forum just fine but was unable to actually determine which group you were in and as such would not perform any group-synchronizations at all and would simply leave you in whatever group you were in when you logged in.

It would happily move you to the Guest group if it knew that you were not registered, however.

This bug has now been resolved and any changes to your group in-game will be made to your forum profile and vice-versa.
Happy New Year Everybody!!!

I'm happy to announce the first update of 2016 and that is simply of an update to the website's entire look and feel.

We have modified the website to have a cleaner look, fixed some bugs that were present in the old design and made things much friendler for mobile!

We have kept the same sort of style as the old theme, just made it a bit more modern, tidy and mobile friendly.

Navigation is also a slight bit easier as the user bar and nav links will stick to the top of your browser and for mobile devices we have a completely redesigned navigation menu so you can access everything nice and easily.

What's even better is that you can now choose your colour scheme!

By default you will be using the Dark Theme, which is my preferred version, but you can easily change to our new Light Theme by clicking "Pawncraft Dark Theme" near the bottom left of the website, just above the copyright.

Your change of theme is stored against your account, so once you've set it to the Light Theme every time you visit us (while logged in) you will automatically be in the Light Theme, even if you visit from another device (such as your phone!)

I have added a poll to this thread so that we can find out which theme you prefer and feel free to post which theme you like most and why.

I hope you enjoy the update and have a fantastic year in 2016!