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Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to announce a big update to the server that is now live as well as some recent changes we've already done that those of you who are playing probably already know about :)

First things first I'll list out the changes that have happened over the past couple of weeks:

  • Mobs now give you money again, yay!
  • Voting for the server gives you money again, woohoo!
  • You once again get paid when you're online for an hour, sweet!
  • Creepers now explode (but do no environmental damage) instead of just disappearing.
  • /rules has been fixed.
  • /map has been fixed.
  • /staff has been fixed.
  • /stafflist has been fixed.
  • /ranks has been fixed.
  • /links has been fixed.
  • Lockette has been replaced with LockettePro, offering performance improvements, true UUID support and plenty of bug fixes.
  • /spawn now goes to the Guest Spawn while /gs (or /groupspawn) will take you to the Member spawn.
  • Guests are now sent a private message on-join advising them how to become a Member.
  • Guests are sent a private congratulations message upon becoming a Member and told to type /gs to leave the Guest Spawn.
  • Stargates have been setup around spawn, enabling players to travel to different locations.
And now onto the big update for today!

New Features:
  • Creative is back, baby! You'll find a Stargate at /gs which can take you there. Of course you still need to apply on our forum for Creative permissions if you don't have them already.
  • Auctions! You can now buy and sell items via the auction, or put items up for a short 5-minute bidding war!
    • Type /ca or /ah to open the Auction House to see what's for sale
    • Type /ah help for a list of commands to help you buy/sell things.
    • Note when putting an item up for bidding that players are not notified, so it is best to let the people online know as the item will only be up for 5...
Hey everyone!

Just letting you all know that the main server has finally been updated to 1.11.2! If you notice any bugs with how things run, please report them on the #bugs channel inside our Discord server.

Also, the 1.8 world is back up and I want to begin moving builds here shortly. If you have something in the old 1.8 world that you would like me to copy over, please let me know what that is and where it is so I can get that done for you. Sorry it's taken so long to get to.

Update on the custom map: It looks like we'll be staying on the current map for the foreseeable future. Pawned hasn't heard from Axel in quite a long time so we don't really know what all is happening with that. In the meantime, if someone wants to design a custom map themselves, that's another option. Otherwise expect to stay on the current one for a while.

Thank you all for your patience. Hope to see you around Pawncraft again soon. :)
Hi All,

Today I would like to announce a new initiative I like to call Pawncraft Beta.

Pawncraft Beta will be a private Pawncraft server instance that will include upcoming features and changes that we are testing.

Within the Pawncraft Beta you will be able to see some of the biomes we are working on for the new world (plus some ones that will never make it to the primary server) as well as plugins that are undergoing testing and configuration ready for the live server.

We need your help to test the changes and provide feedback, if you're accepted into the programme you will be provided access into a private Beta section on the Pawncraft Forum and you will have the option of having an exclusive [BETA] tag by your name in-game.

If you would like the chance to become a Pawncraft Beta Tester please send me a PM, or reply to this thread, with the following:

Why you would like to be a Pawncraft Beta Tester:
Have you Beta tested in games in the past (if so, which?):
If accepted into the Pawncraft Beta Tester Programme, would you like to receive the in-game [BETA] tag?: