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New Profile Posts

  1. Pawned
    Work work work work work...
  2. Pawned
    Happy birthday to me xD (and StarScore :D)
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  3. crazziichris
  4. totalmoobs
    Had a lovely 21st birthday yesterday!
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  5. Pawned
    Merry Christmas everybody!
  6. Pawned
    Note you do need to Lockette your chest (preferrably put the sign on the behind of chest) before making it into a shop!
  7. Pawned
    Issue with not being able to use SkyLands portal and creating chest shops should now be resolved.
  8. Pawned
    Come join us in Discord!
  9. Pawned
    I have successfully cycled from London to Paris. My legs are broken.
    1. Mothary likes this.
    2. Aegis
      Cycled? What the hell? They make bicycles that can travel across the sea now?
      16 Sep 2015
    3. Pawned
      If only. For the ocean part we had to use a ferry.
      17 Sep 2015
      GOLD likes this.
  10. Pawned
    Riding from London to Paris next Thursday for charity... Wish me luck :D
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  11. StarScore
    I will check the server when i get home in about 3½hours from now.
  12. Groovemaster123
    I require the dankest of memes
  13. Groovemaster123
    I'm hooooooooome
  14. vbguy21
    vbguy21 Pawned
    Hey pawned, you'll have to come on soon and see some of our new server buildings.
  15. StarScore
    1. vbguy21 likes this.
    2. vbguy21
      Might have to hack you back in time!
      30 May 2015
    3. StarScore
      hehe :D
      7 Jun 2015
  16. Wakey123
    Wakey123 SlugBoyTom
    Hey Slug! Long time no see. Just wandering about the details with the new Venificus IX. Thanks.
  17. adeadman
    Hey guys, how are you all doing?
  18. Mwanadongo
    Mwanadongo Pawned
    I have yet to say hello to you, so.. Hello! :) Hope you're having a peachy day!
  19. vbguy21
    vbguy21 DigiFox0
    Digi get on and help me build a mob arena :-o
  20. Mwanadongo