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Learn about Donation rewards here.

Please note that we do not make any profit from your donations and that all of the money "earned" goes to the running costs of the server.

Minecraft Packages

VIP Package/Sub:

Magic Carpet: Your very own personal Magic Carpet which you can summon by typing /mc

Teleport: Ability to use /tpc [player], /tpchere [player] and /tpcback.

Ability to build in the Creative world without making an application

Player particle effects: Flashy particle effects like clouds, stars, enderman effects, etc. to show off to your friends.

No file-size limit on avatars, the ability to change your user title and a donator ribbon on the forum.

VIP tag: A fancy orange/yellow/gold [VIP] tag.

ELITE Package/Sub:

All the benefits of VIP

Blockhat: The ability to wear a block as a hat (/hat whilst holding a block).

The ability to start a private conversation with more than 5 people on the forum

PVP toggle: The ability to be able to toggle pvp (for yourself) at any time with /pvp.

Elite tag: A fancy red [ELITE] tag.

RAINBRO Package/Sub:

All the benefits of ELITE

Fly: Easy flying with /fly!

Pet: One cute little wolf, kitty, or iron golem to show off to your friends (wolves/golems are purely cosmetic and will not attack mobs)

Doublechest on Death: Instead of only having some of your inventory fill up a single chest when you die, you can now have your whole inventory saved in a double chest!

RAINBRO tag: A fancy multi-coloured [RAINBRO] tag.

Subscriptions are non-recurring and expire after 30 days.

To be gifted one of these packages or to donate any amount you like without a gift please type /buy in-game, alternatively, you can visit our CHECKOUT to donate.

Important information about refund

You are not entitled to a refund. Please do not open a PayPal dispute stating something relevant to "I did not get what I paid for", because you didn't pay for anything. You just donated. You are not a customer. You just receive gifts as a thanks for donating.

If you don't receive the gifts that you're supposed to get, you may kindly contact Pawned and he will assist you.

Pawncraft reserves the right to revoke your gifts..

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