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1.3 Map Reset

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Axelmotley, 14 Jul 2012.

By Axelmotley on 14 Jul 2012 at 10:26
  1. Axelmotley

    Axelmotley The Dementor Staff Member

    20 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    Pawncraft 1.3 Map Reset
    (Yes, it's happening)
    Firstly, let us explain:
    In order for us to maintain the great server experience which our members, new and old, have come to expect of us - we need to ensure that our server is always running the most current version of the game and offering our members the most current version of the Minecraft experience.
    Whilst updating to 1.3 and maintaining the current map may allow us to give you some of the update's features, it will not allow us to bring you them all such as:
    • Inclusion of Emerald Ores.
    • Trading with Villagers.
    • Jungle temples and Pyramids.
    Don't Panic!

    We fully understand that you have put a lot of work into your creations in the current map (we have too!) and we're all in the same boat and want this to go as smooth as possible. A couple notes to stop you from panicking prematurely:
    • Your money will still be there after the reset!
    • Had towny before? You still will!
    • Your structures, home or otherwise will be on the new map in a spot of your choice!
    What we need from YOU.

    This swapover won't just happen magically, however, we need you guys to pitch in a little too - don't worry though, it's not much effort on your part and will help us ensure that all of your creations come across to the 1.3 world.

    The following template will help us locate and copy your structures into the new world.


    Number of buildings:


    Pictures of buildings(optional):

    Additional information(optional):

    Send this application to Pawned.

    Don't know how to find Coords?

    Finding your coords is easy - Simply stand in the desired area which you wish to be pasted over and press f3. Your screen will be covered by an interface which will include the coords of your current location, it will look like this:


    You'll notice that the coords are displayed over the course of three lines, inside the template please write them as a whole number as follows: firstline secondline thirdline


    If you do not tell us the coords of your structures with instructions to bring it over it will not be brought over.

    Chest Complex:
    -You can claim a room in the chest complex by:
    1. Placing a sign on the door.
    2. Placing a sign on all of your chests.
    -You may only claim one room in the chest complex. This includes only THREE double chests.
    (do not add more chests, these will be removed immediately)
    -You may not use alt accounts to claim multiple chest rooms.
    3. NO stealing from other rooms.

    A reassurance

    We staff will be working on this tirelessly once the update hits and you have our word that this will be resolved in the least amount of time in the least intrusive way possible.

    Happy Minecrafting!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Axelmotley, 14 Jul 2012.

    1. Pawned
      Note that if your town is large, and requires to have multiple parts of it saved individually in order to not kill the server, it'd really help if you place a block down somewhere, that you'd like all of the parts to be copied from. This will allows us to easily paste your creations back into the new world, as you can place a block down which will act as the block we copied the place from, so it'll paste all around that block and be just how you want it.
    2. SlugBoyTom
      Another note: When copying your house for the move we will destroy any containers inside (chests, furnaces etc.), so if you want to keep them and their contents I suggest you move them somewhere else first.
    3. Tedx68racing
      Thanks for the head up guys! But I think I'm going to keep some tools and some materials for my clan and start over! Makes it a little more like a fresh start for me! ^_^

      You've all been doing a fantastic job latley! Thank you very much!

      ~Love -Ted~
    4. timerune
      and how about pekkit?
    5. DigiFox0
      Will Creative World Structures be elligible to be copied over and pasted into the main world?
    6. sufferthorn
      Will the tekkit world also be reset ?
    7. Pawned
    8. tunesnatcher
      Will we be able to have our homes and stuff copy pasted in the tekkit world?
    9. sufferthorn
      And can we also transfer our stuff in tekkit ?
    10. Miralynn
      To whom do we send our Coords? Do we simply post them in this thread? Or do we have to PM a staff?
    11. Krigekongen
      Would you be willing to copy my dupecave?
      Portrend and Tootitbootit like this.
    12. AlexKM
      But what about Pekkit? That's our server too. I understand why it didn't get a carryover when EE was enabled (I won't get into it again), but why not now? We worked for our items. We mined. We crafted. We waited and manufactured. We didn't wait for diamond blocks to be generated like before. This time, we worked. I don't see why Pekkit wouldn't get a small chest complex sorted out too.

      It can't be more difficult to make a chest complex for us. We're even less than those from the traditional server... Surely there's an admin/mod that's willing to do that for us...
      sufferthorn likes this.
    13. sufferthorn
      I totaly agree with alexkm and i am willing to make the chest complex myself.
    14. Axelmotley
      Ask Pawned. Imo the server hasn't been up that long, so a complete restart could be reasonable thing. Even so, I can't get on Pekkit to make one, so discuss with Pawned.
    15. AlexKM
      I don't think it matters all that much how long the server's been up. We've achieved a lot in the past week or so. In Pekkit, it matters.
    16. TheRowan
      I guess its a lot easyer to redo 1 weeks worth of work, than several months.
    17. AlexKM
      What? We don't have to choose, Rowan... We can just carryover both servers.
    18. tunesnatcher
      *wonders why we'd be doing a map reset in tekkit anyway.*
      Seriously. I doubt anyone really wants to lose all their work for some new randomly generated buildings and trading with villagers who are likely to be slaughtered within a day of the reset.
    19. Axelmotley
      Emerald Ores.. Trip wires?

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