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1.8 Update [Completed!]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aegis, 18 Feb 2015.

By Aegis on 18 Feb 2015 at 06:42
  1. Aegis

    Aegis Here kitty kitty kitty! =^● ⋏ ●^=

    2 Nov 2012
    Likes Received:
    Please post in this thread any bugs I may have missed so that I can attempt to fix them. Remember, we are on an UNOFFICIAL version of Bukkit so we are flying blind in terms of support due to the ongoing Bukkit DMCA. I will try to fix or alleviate things as best as I can with what is available.

    [Complete][Stage 1] Server successfully running 1.8, beginning process of adding in essential plugins first.
    [Complete][Stage 2] Fixing permissions
    [Complete][Stage 3] Adding in secondary plugins
    [Complete][Stage 4] Adding in mechanics/convenience plugins
    [Complete][Stage 5] Adding in some fun plugin additions

    Towny re-added and fixed
    Cauldrons coming soon! (have to add recipes)
    Last edited: 19 Feb 2015
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aegis, 18 Feb 2015.

    1. Nerube
      Awesome! Hope it all goes well.
      vbguy21 likes this.
    2. Aegis
      Don't forget, you can always hop on IRC to chat and keep me company :p
      I have a lot of plugins to add and make sure they play nicely with each other with the update.
    3. StarScore
    4. Aegis
      What's really annoying is that a good chunk of plugins (get it? chunk? cause minecraft chunks? I'll see myself out) broke and aren't being updated for the spigot 1.8 protocol update. So it's a pain to find plugins that do the same and setting everything back up. We may without full functionality for a little while while things continue to update but I think I have a majority of the essential plugins in working order.
    5. crinkle
      Not really huge things but:

      - website grey banner says "we are running 1.7.9"
      - not sure if the "[private]" chests plugin is working, or the noob house i was in earlier just didnt set them up right.
      - world map not working

      I'll add if i find anything else!
    6. crinkle
      Yeah allo protection signs are borked, newbies keep generating honeyblock messages?
    7. Aegis
      • Not sure what banner you're talking about, can you take a screenshot or give me a URL for it?
      • Lockette was updated today so hopefully it fixes any issues, in the meantime, logging of all chest/block transactions is still in play so theft will still have consequences.
      • Map is being fullrendered now so it should be fixed now when it finishes.
      • Lockette updated, let me know if it continues to be an issue
      • Honeychest is limited to a couple of chests in the fort (the obvious ones with the signs) and in a trap house that you get banned for griefing anyway (see the link for it).
    8. crinkle
    9. crinkle
    10. Aegis
      Ah, that first one you posted is the old notice. See that [X] nearby it? Click it and it goes away. That was up probably a year ago when we updated to 1.7 from 1.6 to let people know. You just never logged on and dismissed the notice.
      As for the lava one, I'll have to look into it when I wake up later.
      vbguy21 likes this.
    11. vbguy21
      Sitting, mine carts, and stores seem to be borked.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    12. BlueAndGray
      Great to see this. I'm wondering though, will we still later be using Sponge when (or if) it becomes available?
    13. Aegis
      Yes, unfortunately development is chugging along as fast as molasses in a snowstorm being blown uphill. We'll remain with a "lite" plugin setup with just the essentials and craftbook for some extra mechanics until then.
    14. slawitb0y
      If you already have glass on you, you won't receive glass from "/lb toolblock", however you will lose one of the glass you own when you "/lb toolblock off". Gonna have to dig more sand :(
    15. Aegis
      Could be worse, could be bedrock (default config). Also, glass is plentiful, I'll see if there's a way to fix it taking it back.
    16. crinkle
      Yeah probably not a destroyer of humanity, but the highway tracks are pretty useless at the minute until you can place minecarts on them.
    17. vbguy21
      That's just cause they're protected. There are designated spots (stops) where u can add your cart. The first one is at a small station to the right of spawn.

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    18. vbguy21
      I remember the bedrock! :-O

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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