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+b AlexKM

Discussion in 'Bans' started by lokikh, 22 Aug 2012.

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  1. lokikh

    lokikh Active Member

    5 Jul 2012
    Likes Received:
    IGN : AlexKM
    Reason : Disrespecting admin, ignoring requests to stop, slandering admin
    Duration : 1 Week (unban 29th)

    [19:01:52] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: please can i have those stone bricks axel
    [19:01:55] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: oke that does it new chests -.-
    [19:01:58] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I gave them to Alex..
    [19:02:02] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I literally did..
    [19:02:05] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: No, you didn't Stacy
    [19:02:09] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Stop twisting his mind
    [19:02:35] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: stop making promises if you're gonna break them anyway

    [19:03:13] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: stacy?
    [19:03:38] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: don't lie to chris at least
    [19:05:59] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Jona
    [19:06:07] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Stealing crap from 1337 ;)
    [19:06:11] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Master] Superdood1: 360* LOL
    [19:06:14] <Jonamal> Please stop?
    [19:06:18] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] legocooldude: Shut it
    [19:06:23] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: NOO!
    [19:06:25] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I'm actually not lol
    [19:06:33] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: we may never know
    [19:06:33] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Organizing your chests lol
    [19:07:06] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: it's not dead
    [19:07:09] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: We are never dead
    [19:07:13] <Jonamal> It never died
    [19:07:14] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] legocooldude: Yeah
    [19:07:17] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] legocooldude: it is xD
    [19:07:22] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: and you are..?
    [19:07:24] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: no its not
    [19:07:26] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: who the fuck are you?
    [19:07:35] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: the main leaders just retired for a little while
    [19:07:39] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: they needed a break :)
    [19:07:44] <Jonamal> They are around
    [19:08:14] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: watch it, Stacy
    [19:08:23] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: ... was that a threat..
    [19:09:30] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: now i can ban him.. peachy
    [19:09:39] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: oh come on
    [19:09:46] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: he said "watch it"
    [19:09:53] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: .. He has been doing it all day slaw
    [19:09:58] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: quite sick of it in fact.
    [19:09:58] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: he didnt say i'm going to kill you
    [19:10:07] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: He's been rude to me.. all.. day.
    [19:10:18] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: earn his trust
    [19:10:19] <@Pawnbot> [Superdood1 connected]
    [19:10:21] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: :)
    [19:10:23] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: .. how lol
    [19:10:29] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I've apparently stolen bricks from you XD.
    [19:10:45] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: well i dunno
    [19:10:55] <Dub> why woud you have to earn someones trust for them to not be rude to you?
    [19:10:57] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: he's just suspicious of you
    [19:10:59] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Let's make this clear: I. Have. Creative.
    [19:11:03] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: axel please let it go
    [19:11:13] <Jonamal> He is just
    [19:11:18] <Jonamal> A parinoid person
    [19:11:18] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Well, if he continues such behavior it will result in a ban.
    [19:11:35] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: he thinks that there's a conspiracy against him or something :p
    [19:11:51] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: He thinks I have a bloodthirsty hatred for you guys XD
    [19:12:04] <Jonamal> He doesn't trust anyone in general
    [19:12:05] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] legocooldude: His clan is like, DEAD
    [19:12:12] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: how?
    [19:12:15] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] legocooldude: 1337s dead
    [19:12:15] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: lego please stfu
    [19:12:17] <@Pawnbot> [Exteel_V connected]
    [19:12:18] <Jonamal> Lego
    [19:12:19] Dub joined the channel.
    [19:12:19] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: we had 4 people online 1 min ago?
    [19:12:20] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: It's still uneeded rudeness
    [19:12:38] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: you have 5
    [19:12:38] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Free] [Member] 6xsoulassassinx6: is my stuff in there
    [19:12:39] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: gz
    [19:12:47] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: there is literally no reason QQ for your chests to be this messy
    [19:12:48] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: our clan's exclusive thugh
    [19:12:51] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: *though
    [19:13:05] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: axel please stop going through the chests
    [19:13:15] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: i gave her permission
    [19:13:15] <Jonamal> It is just making him more parinoid
    [19:13:20] <Jonamal> Why?
    [19:13:24] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: they're my chests only anyway
    [19:13:24] <Jonamal> It is making me parinoid
    [19:13:24] <@Pawnbot> [pedrinho616 disconnected]
    [19:13:25] <@Pawnbot> SlyFoxofSiren just got barbequed!
    [19:13:28] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: oh
    [19:13:32] <Jonamal> I hate when people ruffle through my stuff.
    [19:13:33] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: awesome :D a sword
    [19:13:40] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: the chests she's going through are my personal chests
    [19:13:41] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: congrats :)
    [19:13:49] <Jonamal> ok
    [19:13:58] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: It's a destresser for me..
    [19:14:12] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I've already gone through mine, morgans and all of my clan members chests.
    [19:14:14] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: ok
    [19:14:18] <@Pawnbot> [[Mages] BlueAndGray disconnected]
    [19:14:20] <Jonamal> Your destretresser is another persons stresser
    [19:14:22] <@Pawnbot> [[Mages] HariboMaiden disconnected]
    [19:14:26] <@Pawnbot> [BlueAndGray connected]
    [19:14:30] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: It's slaws personal chests :p
    [19:14:30] <Jonamal> Some people like messy chests
    [19:14:32] <@Pawnbot> xsoulassassinx6 was airbombed!
    [19:14:41] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: pl dont sethome
    [19:14:42] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: plz
    [19:14:43] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] ejosh: can i use it
    [19:14:49] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: i dont, i've just not got round to sorting them out
    [19:14:49] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: sure
    [19:14:55] <@Pawnbot> KICKED [Skulblaka] ejosh (You logged in from another location)
    [19:14:55] <@Pawnbot> [[Skulblaka] ejosh disconnected]
    [19:14:55] <@Pawnbot> [ejosh connected]
    [19:14:57] <Jonamal> Well
    [19:14:58] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: wow...i fell.....and took no damage O_O
    [19:15:00] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: been putting it off for a while :p
    [19:15:02] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] ejosh: i wont
    [19:15:08] <Jonamal> Just stay away from Alex's area?
    [19:15:21] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: its one hit with fist
    [19:15:34] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Free] [Member] 6xsoulassassinx6: thanks
    [19:15:42] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] ejosh: this it awesome
    [19:15:51] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] ejosh: do i need to pay you
    [19:15:54] <@Pawnbot> [Pawned connected]
    [19:15:55] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: you gotta wait for it bit have fun
    [19:15:58] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: nope
    [19:16:03] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Member] ejosh: yay
    [19:16:09] <Jonamal> g2g
    [19:16:11] <@StarScore> Hello everyone
    [19:16:11] Jonamal has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
    [19:16:12] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: cyaaa
    [19:16:18] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] legocooldude: Hey star :D
    [19:16:18] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: hey star :)
    [19:16:25] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: star :D
    [19:16:31] <@Pawnbot> [[Skulblaka] legocooldude disconnected]
    [19:16:48] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: lol im rich i have 41 iron ingots
    [19:16:50] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: hey Star
    [19:17:03] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: anyone know what time DLH_Awesome comes on
    [19:17:13] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: i dont know who that is sorry :/
    [19:17:16] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: dunno
    [19:17:22] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: hi star
    [19:17:23] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Free] [RAINBRO] SlyFoxofSiren: anything else?
    [19:17:25] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: anybody have netherrack?
    [19:17:30] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Free] [Member] 6xsoulassassinx6: pe thanks again
    [19:17:34] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: yep
    [19:17:35] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Free] [Member] 6xsoulassassinx6: nope
    [19:17:36] <@StarScore> is everything alright? :)
    [19:17:48] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: how much for it exteel?
    [19:18:00] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: O.O i dunno
    [19:18:02] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: if you guyz see him can you tell him Me (toxic) and Alex5519 have asked him to move away
    [19:18:10] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: oooooh
    [19:18:13] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: why?
    [19:18:21] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Who?
    [19:18:30] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: DLH_Awesome
    [19:18:31] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: brb Blue
    [19:18:38] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: you can have it for free
    [19:18:40] <@Pawnbot> [[Mages] Exteel_V disconnected]
    [19:18:45] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: oh k
    [19:18:51] <@Pawnbot> [Exteel_V connected]
    [19:18:56] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: crap
    [19:19:12] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: he asked alex if he can live with him and hes jinda a bad builder making the place look bad
    [19:19:17] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: whos here O_O?
    [19:19:20] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: and we just dont want him there :p
    [19:19:28] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: you're invited come
    [19:19:42] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: what o.o
    [19:19:48] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: nvm
    [19:19:56] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: yeah for some reason you were already invited xD
    [19:20:00] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: wait
    [19:20:07] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: i think you were in my old town
    [19:20:15] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: yeah
    [19:20:16] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: oh yeah xD
    [19:20:20] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: thats probably why xD
    [19:20:31] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: well its not much, almost 2 stacks
    [19:20:32] <@Pawnbot> [xtkazimirtx connected]
    [19:20:34] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: what did towny actually do
    [19:20:40] <@Pawnbot> [[Mages] goodyear18 disconnected]
    [19:20:57] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: lol ur invisible
    [19:21:01] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: not anymore
    [19:21:02] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: O_O i am
    [19:21:03] <@Pawnbot> [goodyear18 connected]
    [19:21:10] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: lol thanks
    [19:21:13] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: np
    [19:21:15] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: make things ;lag
    [19:21:26] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] BlueAndGray: its for my fireplace :)
    [19:21:28] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: i mean if you bought it
    [19:21:35] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: what did it do
    [19:21:44] <@Pawnbot> [[Mages] goodyear18 disconnected]
    [19:22:03] <@Pawnbot> [[Mages] BlueAndGray disconnected]
    [19:22:05] <@Pawnbot> [jimbomac123 connected]
    [19:22:58] <@Pawnbot> [AlexKM connected]
    [19:23:07] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] AlexKM: alright. I'm back
    [19:23:13] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Back, what did I miss?
    [19:23:17] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: wow theres actually mobs xD
    [19:23:31] <@StarScore> @players
    [19:23:31] <@Pawnbot> Online (17/1337): jimbomac123 [Epica] lokikh2 [337] AlexKM [337] crazziichris [337] slawitb0y [Crsdr] xtkazimirtx [Skulblaka] Axelmotley [Skulblaka] Pawned [Skulblaka] Superdood1 [Skulblaka] ejosh [Skulblaka] toxicguy123 [Free] 6xsoulassassinx6 [Free]
    [19:23:42] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Mobs? In Minecraft? No way!
    [19:23:43] AlexKM has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
    [19:24:03] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: alex, you missed some regular stone brick. It looks messy :(
    [19:24:08] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: xD lol its just that i havent seen many while ive been playing here
    [19:24:11] <@StarScore> how could it happend... i thought we killed all the mobs
    [19:24:13] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Wait, I need to armor up
    [19:24:55] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Slaw.. you have way to many saddles XD
    [19:24:59] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: ik
    [19:25:07] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: all found in this map
    [19:25:08] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: You were planning to ban me, Stacy?
    [19:25:17] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Planning on having a race are you?
    [19:25:29] <@StarScore> are you doing somerhing bad alexKM?
    [19:25:35] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Not really
    [19:25:42] <@StarScore> then she is not
    [19:25:44] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Axel would do anything to see me banned
    [19:25:47] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Rudeness is all ^^ I'm letting it slide with a warning this time
    [19:25:48] <@Pawnbot> [goodyear18 connected]
    [19:25:53] <@Pawnbot> Spiders just climbed all over goodyear18!
    [19:25:57] <@Pawnbot> [jimbomac123 disconnected]
    [19:25:59] <@Pawnbot> [pedrinho616 connected]
    [19:25:59] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Now now Alex. :) Please be polite.
    [19:26:04] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: My patience is wearing thin.
    [19:28:14] <@Pawnbot> [HariboMaiden connected]
    [19:28:56] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Member] pedrinho616: hi
    [19:28:56] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: How much would you buy a IV Efficiency And Fortune III Pick#
    [19:29:22] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Member] pedrinho616: haribo
    [19:29:45] <@Pawnbot> KICKED [337] AlexKM (Pawned: Axel has nothing against you. Keep being provocative and I'll ban you myself.)
    [19:29:45] <@Pawnbot> [[337] AlexKM disconnected]
    [19:29:48] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Member] pedrinho616: can you give me fodd?
    [19:29:51] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Member] pedrinho616: food*
    [19:29:54] <@Pawnbot> [AlexKM connected]
    [19:29:56] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: :confused:
    [19:30:10] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: anyway brb tea.
    [19:30:12] <@Pawnbot> [[337] slawitb0y disconnected]
    [19:30:47] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: how about 50/50 she's watching this right now?
    [19:30:56] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: *bemused*
    [19:30:58] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: clean up your act alex
    [19:31:02] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: XD
    [19:31:07] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: It's fine. Not that he has skype or anything that he can talk shit about me in ^^
    [19:31:30] <@Pawnbot> [mrman133 connected]
    [19:31:39] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I'm helping slawitb0y organize his chests leave me in peace will you?
    [19:31:51] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: How much would you buy a IV Efficiency And Fortune III Pick#
    [19:32:05] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: the only story I know is what I'm reading right now alex
    [19:32:11] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: and I'm saying thats enough
    [19:32:27] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: id pay all my pawn, and thats not much cuz i waste it easily xD
    [19:32:39] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Fine, just give chris his stuff back as you promised and let this end
    [19:32:50] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: And don't say you gave it to me because you did not
    [19:32:52] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: The admins can search my chests right now.
    [19:33:00] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: *bemused*
    [19:33:17] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: I believe that matter has been settled sufficently, if you still feel something is wrong
    [19:33:18] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I haven't put anything in those chests that don't belong there
    [19:33:23] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: nor do i have it on me.
    [19:33:24] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: then take it onto the forums
    [19:33:38] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: I don't get why a personal dispute has to gather all admin voices
    [19:33:41] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Just search me now -.- you'll see I put the items in question in a chest in his home.
    [19:33:43] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: And some civilian ones
    [19:33:52] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Because you don't trust me.. clearly..
    [19:33:52] <@Pawnbot> [mrman133 disconnected]
    [19:33:54] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Member] pedrinho616: How do I transforme Pwns on Pawn?
    [19:33:55] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Because this personal dispute is happening on my server.
    [19:33:58] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: That's why.
    [19:34:03] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: If this were a personal dispute with a regular member, none of this would happen
    [19:34:05] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Have it elsewhere.
    [19:34:21] <@Pawnbot> [shadowzach33 connected]
    [19:34:21] <@Pawnbot> [mrman133 connected]
    [19:34:21] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Member] pedrinho616: hi
    [19:34:25] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] raeburn2012: anyone want a hand?
    [19:34:29] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Member] pedrinho616: How do I transforme Pwns in Pawn?
    [19:34:30] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Her being an admin doesn't make her any better a person, or a more invulnerable one to criticism
    [19:34:31] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: Automatic Pedrinho 100 pwns is 1 pawn
    [19:34:32] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: it would be settled more easily perhaps, but it would still be of note
    [19:34:35] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: Automatic Pedrinho 100 pwns is 1 pawn
    [19:34:35] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: 100 pwns = 1 Pawn
    [19:34:39] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Member] pedrinho616: ook
    [19:34:42] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Member] pedrinho616: thanks
    [19:34:52] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: pedrino, a pawn is like a dollar and pwns are like pennies :p
    [19:35:04] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Member] pedrinho616: ok thanks
    [19:35:04] <@Pawnbot> [Marius040201 connected]
    [19:35:09] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Crsdr] [Member] xtkazimirtx: Alex one of the rules of the server is to respect other player
    [19:35:23] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Crsdr] [Member] xtkazimirtx: Alex one of the rules of the server is to respect other players
    [19:35:36] <@Pawnbot> [[Mages] HariboMaiden disconnected]
    [19:35:39] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Remind me when I insulted her
    [19:35:47] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: When I called names or anything
    [19:35:54] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: thats not the issue
    [19:35:59] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Respect doesn't come down to just insults and names.
    [19:36:03] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: you were using a form of slander
    [19:36:05] <@Pawnbot> [[Free] ProSpect disconnected]
    [19:36:30] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: It's justified if you're willing to look at what happened, but it's no one's duty to do so
    [19:36:44] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: we found your behaviour collectively to be inadequate
    [19:36:46] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: It's personal. It's a one-on-one chat that is very one-sided because of her staff position
    [19:37:01] <@Pawnbot> [awsome0556 connected]
    [19:37:05] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: guys
    [19:37:08] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I haven't banned you because it is a personal dispute have i?
    [19:37:10] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: Who wants A cool Video
    [19:37:13] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: LIKE Rlly Cool
    [19:37:14] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: You kicked me
    [19:37:15] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I'm letting other admins handling it
    [19:37:19] <@Pawnbot> [awsome0556 disconnected]
    [19:37:19] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: theres something in the rules about that type of situation too alex
    [19:37:21] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: I do o.o
    [19:37:23] <@Pawnbot> [Marius040201 disconnected]
    [19:37:32] <@Pawnbot> [awsome0556 connected]
    [19:37:33] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I kicked you because you were warned multiple times to stop with your behavior which you did not
    [19:37:35] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: comply
    [19:37:36] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: It's all peachy now that they're siding with you
    [19:37:45] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: Your one Sh*tty Admin then
    [19:37:48] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: have jkerr or skinback look into it then.
    [19:37:55] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: What behavior, disagreeing with the fact that you took my things?
    [19:38:00] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: guys
    [19:38:04] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I returned them did I not?
    [19:38:05] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: GUYS
    [19:38:11] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: awsome 0556
    [19:38:12] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: GUY
    [19:38:13] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: I said that "I dislike traitors" when you took my stuff after promising to help and you kicked
    [19:38:19] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: yes awesome
    [19:38:19] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: stay out of the argument o.o
    [19:38:20] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: i have a vid for ya
    [19:38:28] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: No thank you awsome.
    [19:38:37] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: D:
    [19:38:41] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: whats it about? o.o
    [19:38:42] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [RAINBRO] SlyFoxofSiren: Guys lets not turn this in to a flame war whats done is done it being handled it seems
    [19:38:43] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: *sigh* I won't argue with you any longer
    [19:38:51] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2011 is what it is about
    [19:38:57] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: last warning you'll get alex, take it to the forums now plz
    [19:39:03] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Face it guys, if this were a dispute between me and a guest or member, no one would care
    [19:39:11] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: O_O is it awesome?
    [19:39:14] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: yep
    [19:39:21] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Oh really? So we've not cared about these disputes in the past?
    [19:39:21] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556:
    [19:39:23] <@Pawnbot> [slawitb0y connected]
    [19:39:26] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Guess I should unban them people then.
    [19:39:28] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: pshhh i gotta see it to beleive it
    [19:39:30] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: Click on it
    [19:39:38] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: People got involved for no reason
    [19:39:42] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: Just because she's an admin
    [19:39:42] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] fearsomegenie: -.- I would care. because I'm having to watch it polute my chat.
    [19:39:43] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: oh hello dear
    [19:39:49] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: No, because you're violating the rules.
    [19:39:51] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] AlexKM: It's local
    [19:39:52] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] fearsomegenie: people get involved because you make it public
    [19:39:53] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: which?
    [19:39:58] <@Pawnbot> KICKED [337] AlexKM (You have been banned, check MCBans.com)
    [19:39:58] <@Pawnbot> [[337] AlexKM disconnected]
    [19:40:02] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: :p
    [19:40:08] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: AND ITS OVER
    [19:40:11] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Rule 1.
    [19:40:14] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [RAINBRO] crazziichris: why did he do it
    [19:40:21] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Crsdr] [Member] xtkazimirtx: dun dun dun dunnnnnnnn
    [19:40:25] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: I stole your items I guess? XD
    [19:40:31] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [RAINBRO] SlyFoxofSiren: cuz some ppl dont understanded how to follow rules
    [19:40:32] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: awesome ill be back in 4:31 mins
    [19:40:33] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Eh, loki did warn him.
    [19:40:37] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: :p imma watch it
    [19:40:38] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: In fact, we all did.
    [19:40:43] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] Exteel_V: imma watch it lo;
    [19:40:50] <@Pawnbot> crazziichris died in The Void.
    [19:40:55] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: ugh, i told him.
    [19:40:57] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: what the heck :confused:?
    [19:41:04] <@Pawnbot> [[337] crazziichris disconnected]
    [19:41:06] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: hm?
    [19:41:09] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Yeah, I saw.
    [19:41:16] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: chris died in the void?
    [19:41:21] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: and?
    [19:41:28] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: uhh :confused:
    [19:41:29] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: how?
    [19:41:30] <@Pawnbot> [L] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: end void?
    [19:41:30] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: XD
    [19:41:33] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: What's up with him? Thinking there's some sort of conspiracy going on.
    [19:41:38] <@Pawnbot> [L] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: oh that makes sense
    [19:41:47] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: XD
    [19:41:51] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [RAINBRO] SlyFoxofSiren: some ppl just want to turn things into a flame war >.>
    [19:41:51] <@Pawnbot> [[Skulblaka] ejosh disconnected]
    [19:41:51] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: How you like it
    [19:41:51] <Dub> that's happened to me a couple times outside the end too if chunks don't load
    [19:41:57] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] fearsomegenie: yeah for the last hour or so. the world vs Alex
    [19:42:08] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Ok guys enough
    [19:42:08] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: nah
    [19:42:13] <@Pawnbot> [G] [337] [Member] slawitb0y: i was impartial
    [19:42:15] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: no badmouthing him ^^
    [19:42:17] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Guest] awsome0556: Faceplant Compilation 2012 XD LOL
    [19:42:25] <@Pawnbot> [pedrinho616 disconnected]
    [19:42:27] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: are we allowed to make a sand generator
    [19:42:29] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Not badmouthing, just concerned.
    [19:42:29] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Mages] [Member] fearsomegenie: excuse me. that was uncalled for.
    [19:42:33] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: No you are not.
    [19:42:38] <@Pawnbot> [crazziichris connected]
    [19:42:43] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Can we not discuss it any longer :p?
    [19:42:47] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Founder] Pawned: Sure.
    [19:42:52] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: Thank you ^^
    [19:42:52] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] toxicguy123: ok making sure before i get banned :p
    [19:42:56] <@Pawnbot> crazziichris died in The Void.
    [19:42:56] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [RAINBRO] SlyFoxofSiren: fear itd done lets drop it
    [19:43:08] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Skulblaka] [Admin] Axelmotley: New subject: Pawnlympics
  2. Mika_Miner

    Mika_Miner Member

    7 Aug 2012
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    Even though I like Axel and Pawned, I kinda agree with Alex.
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  3. Miralynn

    Miralynn Kitten with Claws VIP RAINBRO

    27 Dec 2011
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    Alex, I understand that some people just enjoy pushing your aggro buttons, and you cannot maintain your patience when faced with what you feel is unjustice done unto you.

    Next time, if it occurs. Ask for a Log check, screenie, anything. For proof. (If possible). If you feel ignored or slighted with your issues, ignore the admin, approach a different one with whom you feel more comfortable and try to explain your issue. If no one has seen the entire thing happen, simply start a forum post. Stating your opinions, questions and suggest a solution. Oh, and if you feel something is escalating, don't forget to printscreen.

    Lastly. If you find a certain someone is pestering you, keep your hostility to yourself, as difficult as it is. (Believe me I know the feeling). Being hostile, although understandable, GIVES them a reason/opportunity to ban/kick you. Don't give them the excuse or the pleasure to ban you.

    PS. /evade [Personthatpissesmeoff] works wonders when you need people out of your Pawncraft experience. ^^
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  4. Morganathon

    Morganathon He Who Likes Trains

    25 Nov 2011
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    Also note that the staff are here to help, not hinder your experience! Feel free to tell us yourself if you don't like what you see (as long as this has fact to back it up); we could all probably improve a bit!
  5. Tedx68racing

    Tedx68racing Active Member

    20 May 2012
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    For example: Morgan could be less awesome, so people won't be jelly.
  6. AlexKM

    AlexKM Active Member VIP

    22 Aug 2011
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    By the way, that "Watch it, Stacy" wasn't about her opinions on 1337, it was about her slithering around our chests and turning crazziichris against me. I doubt it would have mattered had it been said to a regular member. Really, it's my word against hers, and she's an admin. She can't take even a fraction of the criticism and hostility a member can, right?

    I don't HAVE to respect her. She has wronged me in the past and she has wronged my friends in the past. I refuse to lick the hand that hits me. I've been as respectful as I could to the other staff and members.
    Bottom line is, she's too subtle for people like Chris to notice and she loves pushing my buttons. With her being an admin, she can do this free of consequences.

    <Merged by Pawned>
  7. Portrend

    Portrend Builder VIP RAINBRO

    13 Feb 2011
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    I'm donkey'd off over this ban; I was alerted about Alex misbehaving about such an ordeal.

    What is this giant llama? Stacy hardly helped things. If alex gets punished for countering everything Axel was doing she deserves some sort of punishment too. She's a good admin and all, but she even admitted too stealing from 1337 lol. If she wan'ts to start stealing lemons from us and getting her clan members too start saying stuff about 1337 what does she expect?

    I get moaned at when my clan members do something wrong or aggravate skulblaka members and now I find out they're starting some of it themselves? I told morgan that his/stacy's side better be right or it'd make me look a right ol' mug speaking too Alex about it. And it did.

    If Stacy didn't want lemons from Alex, why didn't she jut move away? Alex vented his frustration too me about her being in the area and breaking a promise about the stone she was mining and then taking the stuff when he died and making him look an idiot in global. I'd much rather appreciate it if third-parties didn't get involved and we sort it out in mail. Say Axel & Morgan in a chat with Me & Chris & Slaw & Jona & Alex (Them being there, and me as a clan leader to supervise my colleagues)
  8. Tedx68racing

    Tedx68racing Active Member

    20 May 2012
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    She didin't move away because he was being pretty rude about it on chat, I know for a fact that you would continue to engage.
  9. Portrend

    Portrend Builder VIP RAINBRO

    13 Feb 2011
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    Maybe you're right, but I wouldn't expect too be provoked if I was angry because it's just a bomb waiting to go off.

    An admin should be able to defuse a situation; Not make it worse.
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  10. Tedx68racing

    Tedx68racing Active Member

    20 May 2012
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    • "Invalid Global Ban Reasons"
      "Harassment to users/staff: This can be one sided"

      ^ That's a direct quote from the MCbans website, and I think that applies here.

      Edit: It actually doesn't because it's a local ban, but if anyone gets a global-ban for this, challenge it through the MCban's system of appeal.
  11. Krigekongen

    Krigekongen Build Team Member VIP

    19 Sep 2010
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    I have no insight in the prelude of this story, but from what I'm seeing It's Axel being the rude one. Alex is merely defending himself and is clearly frustrated that Axel is doing what she is doing, neither does it help that Axel's attitude is pretty rude itself and can be quite sharp in it's meaning from what I can see. This same situation has happened quite a few times for me. And it is quite quite irritating getting kicked when you are trying to defend yourself and explain, and then get opposed by the admin group using kicks and warnings, and then threatening to ban which basically is a "Fuck you and your opinions" and then you can't do anything. Axel is a heroine, but I think she's the one in fault here, from the logs posted above.
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  12. the_amber_trap

    the_amber_trap Calm down so I can be the angry one. Staff Member

    23 Nov 2010
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    Krige, thank you for finding a way to voice dissent in a rational way and managing to stay respectful while doing so.

    I'm not entirely sure of what happened, as I wasn't on the server, (surprise!) and because of this I don't feel it's my place to voice an opinion. There are chat logs, yes, but they don't convey everything about the incident. There are issues like location (I've had members confide in me that the location Axel chose to mine conflicted with already claimed territory) or non-chat actions that the above log wouldn't display.
    From what I've seen and observed, Axel is easily our most active staff member with a genuine desire to improve the server and with it, the experiences of every person to visit, build, or play with us. She's a good friend, and I always look forward to seeing her online. However, she isn't perfect. (Sorry, sweetie, but it's true.)
    In the event that this was simply a situation that got out of hand, I apologize for not being online so that I could interject and stop it before it exploded. Axel is grown-up enough to be able to admit error and fix things if this was the case. That's a big part of why she's on staff. We expect that level of maturity of all our admins. (Well, except for me. I'm still allowed to be childish.)

    With that bit of unpleasantness addressed, I also have to say that the non-staff members involved in this event are hardly blameless.

    I'm not trying to start any arguments, point fingers, or get anyone in trouble, but many of us (maybe all of us) could stand to be more respectful. I don't mean that the staff need to be obeyed unquestioningly, but that everyone could stand to step away from their insulated anonymous lives and treat all of the people on the server with a bit more kindness and consideration.

    Fuck. That's hippy talk.
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