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+b chineseboy10

Discussion in 'Bans' started by lokikh, 12 Aug 2012.

  1. lokikh

    lokikh Active Member

    5 Jul 2012
    Likes Received:
    IGN : Chineseboy10
    Reason : Racist comments immediately after warning.
    Duration : 1week
    Unban : 19th aug

    [17:08:03] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] darksonic33: lokikh2 can i call you lok
    [17:08:10] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: sure
    [17:08:20] <Pawnbot2> [L] [Guest] chineseboy10: you can call here fag
    [17:08:21] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] darksonic33: ok
    [17:08:26] <Pawnbot2> [L] [Guest] chineseboy10: her*
    [17:08:41] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: you can call here fag
    [17:08:43] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: it's he chinesboy...
    [17:08:44] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: her*
    [17:08:58] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: SHUT UP IM CHINESE
    [17:09:01] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: BITCH
    [17:09:06] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: i see.
    [17:09:17] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] GingerNelly: Dam this is a racist server :/
    [17:09:21] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: wana be banned chinese?
    [17:09:21] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: ^
    [17:09:22] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] darksonic33: lok are you in the member world
    [17:09:28] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: D:
    [17:09:35] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: DISCRIMINATION!
    [17:09:48] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: too much trollism
    [17:09:50] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: YOU CAN GET JAILED FOR THAT!
    [17:10:01] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: maybe at your place, but not here.
    [17:10:07] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] darksonic33: cam down
    [17:10:12] <Pawnbot2> KICKED chineseboy10 (You have been kicked!)
    [17:10:12] <Pawnbot2> [chineseboy10 disconnected]
    [17:10:18] <Pawnbot2> [chineseboy10 connected]
    [17:10:21] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: D:
    [17:10:26] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: :)
    [17:10:31] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Epica] [Admin] lokikh2: be nice chine
    [17:21:33] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: NIIIIIIIIIIIGER
    [17:21:45] <@Pawnbot> [G] [Free] [Legend] ProSpect: Chinese - please stop beeing racist
    [17:21:45] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] darksonic33: ?????????????//
    [17:21:52] <Pawnbot2> [G] [Guest] chineseboy10: NO
    [17:22:00] <Pawnbot2> KICKED chineseboy10 (You have been banned, check MCBans.com)

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