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+b KoppelTyler

Discussion in 'Bans' started by crinkle, 13 Jul 2012.

  1. crinkle

    crinkle Still very much bizness. VIP RAINBRO

    3 Dec 2010
    Likes Received:
    Reason: Xraying (and possibly attempting to hide the fact)

    Length 2 weeks (long enough to get it removed from your minecraft?)

    Note: This was first picked up from the daily mining activity reports in the admin area :) All ores listed are removed from this player, the ores regenerated, and the user's dirt, and stone destructions of the past day undone.


    In the SS above, mining occurred from left to right, down a short tunnel, then the user goes sidewards and downwards to find diamond.
    Above - again the uder mines left to right in unsual fashion, except where the tunnel goes sidewards one block, on the right, there are diamonds.
    The above screenshot actually nails intention, Player mined up to the IRON ores above (thats right people dont just hax diamonds). From the screenshot it may looks like they were just visible from the cave the player is stood in. But the every block of space you see was mined out by the player, to make it look more innocent.
    Player also filled in his mines with cobble in places. I dont understand why.
    Above - Player mined down 7-8 blocks, to where pongo is. Player then mined left to right and found diamonds where the torch is, thats good luck isnt it?
    Above two: PLayer has mined a lot of diamonds in a short space of time.
    Mini report on this players activity from the last 24 hours (approximate)
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