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Classes are back! (Vampires, Werewolves, etc.)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawncraft, 28 Mar 2012.

By Pawncraft on 28 Mar 2012 at 20:38
  1. Pawncraft

    Pawncraft Member

    26 Aug 2011
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    We've re-added a plugin that we used to use a few updates ago, we found this to be the most fun RPG plugin and are glad to see it back.

    For more information on how to use this plugin, please visit: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mmsupernaturals/

    We hope you enjoy the update,

    Pawncraft Team
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawncraft, 28 Mar 2012.

    1. crinkle
      Is this optional? or am i gonna mine random stuff and then find myself forced to have to do tasks or make annoying potions or something to negate the effects of unintentionally becoming something i dont want to be XD

      Also whats this witchhunt/kill list thing, how do you get put on it and/or how do you stay off it?

      Reading the link gives me more questions than answers!
    2. Pawned
      Mining stuff won't have anything happen to you, lol. How you join classes is explained on the link.

      The witchhunter list is generated randomly every server restart.
    3. crinkle
      Is the list just players who have one of the monster classes? or is it anyone who plays on the server? Cos i just wanna build! Not play world of warcraft!
    4. Pawned
      Anyone can be added to the list. Apart from Witchhunters.
    5. Vork Moin
      Vork Moin
    6. VladTheImposter
      Only the elite shall become vamps! The rest shall die.
      Portrend likes this.
    7. [1337]Skinback
      Well ur buggered Vlad im a Vampire already lol
    8. the_amber_trap
      I like the new additions. I guess this means I'll have to build a church again.
    9. VladTheImposter
      NO! Skinback you will ruin us ;)
    10. Bread
      From what I've tried, the new Enderborn class is highly under powered (It does like nothing! The enderpearl combat reduction is so weak, blocking could substitute for it.) On a rather old note, the classes that can't use weapons are said to have "Increased combat dmg" that doesn't seem to add much. That makes the Ghouls under powered in proportion to everyone else, because even if they have armour and a full loadout, they still dont stand much of a chance to anyone wielding a weapon. (even plain humans!) Their combat dmg reduction barely helps. Werewolves are pretty dang good, however, but only due to the fact that they can spawn wolves to fight for them. Fighting without wolves, they are absolutely HORRIBLE.
      From what I've read up on this plugin, there are easy ways to reconfigure the levels of class powers to balance things. For the most part, I believe all the classes are balanced, but I kinda question these 3.

      Also, glitch report:
      For the classes it says can't use weapons, bows still work. This means werewolves and ghouls can use weapons when they shouldn't. I guess this balances 2 of those classes, but it doesn't really fit in with the style that their classes were trying to convey. (Why would a ghoul or werewolf use a bow?)

      Anyways, I would also like to see a chart for what these "combat dmg reduction" and "increased attack dmg" passive abilities REALLY do. Not having numbers makes it hard to judge.

      Edit: The funny thing is with this glitch, is that hitting things with bow, rather than shooting it, brings up the "you cannot use that" msg, but shooting the bow does not.
    11. Pawned
      Werewolf: AttackBonus: 5
      Enderborn: AttackBonus: 0.3
      DefenseBonus: 0.5
      Human: Humans do not have any modifications. They're not configurable if they do, anyway.
      Bread likes this.
    12. Portrend
      is that 5 hearts? xD
    13. Pawned
      I honestly don't even know. I assume health is done like a 100/100 kinda thing, so perhaps this adds +5 damage onto the hits, or perhaps adds an extra 5% damage to whatever weapon is in hand.
      Portrend likes this.
    14. Bread
      I believe it is percent, as i certainly isnt +5 dmg or +5 hearts O_O
    15. Bread
      Ok, so a stone sword deals 5 dmg (and 1dmg=1/2 a heart) So, if it weren't in a percent, it would be balanced, but my in-game testing seems to suggest otherwise. If it was a percent, I'd recommend 1000% (or 10 times the usual) as it would make fists on par with a stone sword for classes who can't use weapons. 5% doesn't even increase the dmg, as it is rounded to the nearest half heart.

      If, lets say, that was for the vampire class, that 5% would be added to the weapon, not fists, so that would mean a 5% ratio would give a diamond sword .3 more dmg, but im not sure if that rounds up. If it doesn't, then this dmg addition is useless, and should be increased for vamps as well.

      In fact, if only a diamond sword had a slightly noticable difference, this "bonus dmg" for vamps would do barely anything unless it was about 50% or so.
    16. Pawned
      I'll increase the bonuses a tad.

      EDIT: They've been modified. It's possible I've put them too high, so please, provide feedback asap.
    17. Bread
      On it. Ill need some vamps to give feedback too.
    18. Pawned
      Just did some testing with MC_Crinkle, changed the attackbonus to 5000, no difference made in damage. Not sure if the plugin is working as intended.
    19. Bread
      Did some testing as well. No effect either. I read that this was made to be able to be reconfigured easily, But then again, the plugin still hasn't been completely glitch free (ex. Angel class)

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