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CS: GO and TF2

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawned, 23 Aug 2012.

By Pawned on 23 Aug 2012 at 13:41
  1. Pawned

    Pawned Founder Staff Member

    19 Sep 2010
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    We now have a CS: GO server running on pawncraft.co.uk and a TF2 server running on pawncraft.co.uk:27016. The CS: GO server is running 10-man Arms Race, whilst the TF2 server is running the complete default map-cycle with a maximum of 32 players.

    CS:S and GMOD server will be back online at a later date.

    We hope you enjoy the update.

    - Pawncraft Team
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawned, 23 Aug 2012.

    1. Miralynn
      Yaaay, maybe I'll finally start playing TF2.
    2. the_amber_trap
      Dammit, now I actually have to figure if I can make this shite Mac play TF2.
    3. Tedx68racing
      lawl. That's what you get for buying a MAC. ;)
    4. Bankercat3
      Do you think we could change the amount of time it takes to be kicked for inactivity? It seems a bit fast. Or make it so inactives get moved to spectate, either one.
    5. Pawned
      Yeah, I'm gonna do some modifcations to the configs in a day or two and install some administrative mods.
    6. the_amber_trap
      You know damn well that I didn't buy it; my wife did.
    7. Tedx68racing
      That explains everything.
    8. Bankercat3
      And I'm just a victim of the circumstances (Father's an Apple fanboy).
    9. the_amber_trap
      My father-in-law is just that, and that influenced my wife's decision when we were looking for a new computer while I was out to sea. I didn't have much input, and she actually got a sweet deal on it because her brother worked for apple (in a retail store, not anywhere actually neat.) I think it was also further discounted because it was the floor model or something.
      So, even though they're typically expensive, we got ours for a steal.
    10. Pawned
      Configurations have been changed and an admin mod installed.
    11. TheRowan
      I can't connect to the server, is it my side or is the server down (TF2)
    12. Pawned
      The server is online - let me try connecting to it.

      EDIT: Yeah, I can connect just fine. Client-side problem for you.
    13. Tedx68racing
      The server won't even show up when I put the IP in. I don't know what's going on, but there's a problem.
    14. TheRowan
      did that to me, i found in in the friends section...
    15. Pawned
      Are you putting the correct IP? pawncraft.co.uk:27016 - you can also open up console (`) and type connect pawncraft.co.uk:27016 - I added the server to my favourites and it's there all the time.
    16. Tedx68racing
      It's in correctly, I copy/pasted it.
    17. Pawned
      Try going to favourites, adding a server, putting just pawncraft.co.uk and then finding games at this address. It should list the Pawncraft TF2 server and you can then add it to your favourites.
    18. Tedx68racing
      The server still doesn't show up for me. . . . . .
    19. Pawned
      Here's how you add it to your favourites, in case you did it wrong: http://imgur.com/a/nDek1

      If that STILL doesn't work, then you can simply open up the developers console using tilde (` (which is the button on the left of 1)) and then type connect pawncraft.co.uk:27016 and hit enter.

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