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Enhanced mobs

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aegis, 13 May 2014.

By Aegis on 13 May 2014 at 21:21
  1. Aegis

    Aegis Here kitty kitty kitty! =^● ⋏ ●^=

    2 Nov 2012
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    Deep in some mad scientist's secret mountain lair, horrible things are concocted. Due to several security breaches, these terrors have been released into the worlds of Pawncraftia and have also invaded the Nether and End. What are they? Where are they? Will they be coming for you next? Grab a sword, your best armor, and plenty of potions. Things are only going to get scarier and even wackier than ever before!
    • Some of the new mobs have powers that enable them to do some scary things.
    • Some are more resistant to damage while weak against other damage types.
    • Drop special items and enchanting xp (see drop table).
    • They drop Emerald Ore
    Wait what?! Emerald Ore?! No way you say? Yes way indeed. These Emerald Ores are an important part of our server economy and you need them to get Pawns from the dynamic market in place. Some of these mobs drop more than others. Here's what you'll be looking for if you want more Emerald Ore.

    Low level mobs
    Mummy | HP - 50 | Base Attack - 2 |
    • Can pull from afar
    • Can not be knocked back easily
    • Dangerous if not well armed and armored
    • Spawns in deserts
    Speedy Zombie| HP - 10 | Base Attack - [Standard MC Damage] |
    • Very fast
    • Low HP
    • Dangerous for unprepared players
    Treeper| HP - 10 | Base Attack - 1 |
    • Can repeat explosions
    • Very low damage
    • Spawns on leaves very rarely
    • High blast radius
    • Cannot be killed by arrows
    Miner Zombie| HP - 50 | Base Attack - [Standard MC Damage] |
    • Spawns underground
    • Cannot be knocked back
    Fire Bat | HP - 15 | Base Attack - 0 |
    • Spawns from the fires in the Nether
    • Is hurt more by arrows
    • Uses a fire attack.
    Boss Mobs
    EnderMage | HP - 500 | Base Attack - 10 |
    • Has a special Blizzard attack that slows and weakens
    • Summons Obsidian "Meteors" that fall from the sky
    • Can knock back and daze players
    • Only spawns in The End
    The Kraken| HP - 100 | Base Attack - 0 |
    • Uses a water cannon to attack
    • Has a special attack during thunderstorms
    • Has a pull and restrain attack
    • Only spawns in Ocean biomes
    Nether Guardian| HP - 500 | Base Attack - 10 |
    • Summons reinforcements that target the player and then die
    • Has a special beam attack
    • Very slow, nearly stationary
    • Guards Quartz ore veins and spawns on them
    • 100% chance: 2-3 Emerald Ore
    • 1% chance: 1 Mummy Torso Wrappings
    • 1% chance: 1 Mummy Leg Wrappings
    • 1% chance: 1 Mummy Feet Wrappings
    • 1% chance: 1 Mummy Head Wrappings
    Speedy Zombie
    • 100% Chance 1 Emerald Ore
    • 100% Chance 1-3 Emerald Ore
    • 50% Chance: 1-3 TreeperNT
    Miner Zombie
    • 100% Chance 1-3 Emerald Ore
    • 10% Chance: 1 Mining Helmet
    • 10% Chance: 1 Quarry Pickaxe
    Fire Bat
    • 100% Chance 0-5 Fire charges
    EnderMage - The End
    • 100% Chance 20-50 Emerald Ore
    • 30000 xp orbs (enchanting)
    The Kraken - The Overworld
    • 100% Chance 10-20 Emerald Ore
    • 15000 xp orbs (enchanting)
    • 1% Chance Bow of the Kraken
    • 100% Chance 10-50 Ink Sac
    Nether Guardian - The Nether
    • 100% Chance 20-50 Emerald Ore
    • 50000 xp orbs (enchanting)
    • 100% Chance 1-5 Nether Star
    • 100% Chance 64-640 Quartz
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aegis, 13 May 2014.

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    1. Jimmy
      Piece of cake.
    2. Aegis
      I have to admit, some of them were overpowered after Lv 15. They were able to kill me in god mode during testing. GOD MODE dude! That won't happen again though because I tweaked em a bit. As long as you're wearing enchanted iron armor or clean diamond armor, you should be fine. On the higher mobs, a potion wouldn't stop you, but it would certainly make the battle a bit easier. Be warned though on some of them. Even if you can fly, they will tractor beam you in and knock you the f&$k out.
    3. Aegis
      Added more loot and a surprise extremely rare Pawnmerald Bank Ledger drop.
      What does it do you ask? You'll have to find one to find out.
      Jimmy likes this.
    4. Aegis
      Updated tables to reflect new changes and mobs. If you have ideas for mobs, feel free to post them and we'll see about adding them.
    5. Silitharian
      Just hear me out but I got not, Battle tank cow that shoots Ghast bullets Terrors of the over-world!
    6. Aegis
      Uh, I'll consider it.
    7. Aegis
      Switched mobs over to emerald ores and drops updated accordingly.
    8. Aegis
      Added EnderMage and Firebat to the drop tables and Mobs info.
      Mummy damage changed from 10 to 2.
      Released the Kraken!
    9. Aegis
      Added Nether Guardians to the nether.
      Increased exp for the following mobs to compensate for their high HP:
      • Kraken: 250->15,000 xp
      • EnderMage: 500->30,000 xp
    10. Jimmy
      Whats so special about the "Bow of the kraken"?
    11. Aegis
      You'll just to get it to find out won't ya :p
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