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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aegis, 20 Aug 2014.

By Aegis on 20 Aug 2014 at 20:37
  1. Aegis

    Aegis Here kitty kitty kitty! =^● ⋏ ●^=

    2 Nov 2012
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    You can now die with confidence that your stuff won't despawn right away. Introducing Ghosts! (Replacement for both Graveyards and Deathchest)

    You have exactly 1 hour (real time) to find your items. It can spawn you anywhere from 40-100 blocks at random from your items. It also allows both single and double chests (be sure to be carrying at least 2 chests to activate the "Ghost" effect).
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aegis, 20 Aug 2014.

    1. DigiFox0
      Quick Question. I'm assuming that Minimaps are OK (If they aren't just blam this comment XD). Is this compatiable w/ that? Specifically one that sets Death Waypoints?
    2. Aegis
      Would specifically be Reis mini map that I use for that purpose. I'd stayaway from voxel and zans because they have cave mapping functions.
    3. AzazelV
      Thanks for this, though i die very rarely since i'm a scout :p (please don't nerf).

      Anyway, why Mythicdrops was removed? specially the repair part. I have some chain leggings with the Mythicdrops name that I can not repair because they say "Too Expensive", what can I do?
    4. Aegis
      Ever notice how the guards are able to get the special drops? Yeah, they shouldn't be able to. This is actually what caused a lot of lagspikes from earlier. The NPCs act as players, but aren't actually players so the console throws tons of spam when they drop something causing lots of lag. Removing this has removed those spikes.
    5. AzazelV
      Yeah remember a loooot of times that said "Fort Guard found a socketed sword (Unique)". Alright I get it, but what can I do with those leggings? Can I get a some normal leggings in exchange?
    6. deathgears
      you can repair your leggings(or anything else) at a blacksmith now for a fee. there is one in the newbie fort named anvil, he is in the building to the right of the wheat.
    7. AzazelV
      Yeah i just tried him and it's great, the price is fair. So it's not free.
    8. TheRowan
      This would have been amazingly usefull like 3 days ago when half of my stuff decided that it was going to depawn for no real reason (was like 10s after i died). Nonetheless great change!
    9. Aegis
      The funny thing is, I came across this by chance looking for something completely unrelated to trying to replace the Alchemist addon for the NPCs. Had I found it after I realized how broken the Graveyards plugin was with Multiverse, I'd have added it back then.
    10. TheRowan
      *sad voilin music*
    11. Aegis
    12. Playtime
      I've got a few issues with "Ghosts". I'm sure that the issues can be resolved with a bit of tweeking to the .yml files. First and formost would be that if you die at Y11 under the ocean wile mining you are dropped within a 100 block radius of your death. That would be 100 blocks vertical. Now you cannot dig so your forced to in some cases swim 500 blocks to your mine shaft then run back.

      Second would be that, you cannot break blocks. This has caused problems for me 2 times in 1 week wile mining. Often wile mining I block off areas that mobs can spawn, subsequently blocking myself off from an escape/return. This is part of the ever going ( I hate creepers being able to 1 shot a guy in full diamond armor bitch) If I didn't have a second character to load up I would be stuck as a ghost for 1 hour, then loose my gear. There is no way to Un-Ghost without looting your chest.

      Third and lastly would be that the plugin is being quite erratic. If there is a chest nearby, regardless if it is mine or not my gear [can] go into it. I have had 30 chests on me and my gear has laid on the ground, 1/2 in a chest, fully in a chest or just simply disappeared.

      Before the reset Pawncraft had a very simple setup, you died and your gear went into a chest. You had to run back, but it was there if you got there within an hour. The new plugin is far better if it works, searching 100 block radius is much better than searching where you "think" you were. Sadly its not working properly.

    13. AzazelV
      Yes there are some limitations about the 100 blocks radius, I'm pretty sure that the plugin "drops you down" from the sky to not randomly put you just 100 blocks away and maybe trap you in stone or in lava. To make the plugin able to search for a open place underground would require some caves searching that could maybe lag the server. So for now the ghost feature only works great if you die on a unblocked area or on the surface.

      I guess this is a consequence of the drop from the sky feature. Griefers could drop down when dying to enter other places.

      I can confirm the plugin didn't work on me on one occasion, not sure what happened though. I didn't lose my gear it just dropped and the ghost effect just didn't activate. Other than that particular occasion the plugin has been working alright with me.

      There were some bugs with the old Grave Deathchest plugin, that's was the main reason why it was removed even before the reset. The ghost feature has these limitations so, I can suggest that if you don't want to being blocked by your own blocks underground then don't carry chests while going underground, your gear will drop down to the ground and you can rush to it without the effect, just like in vanilla.
      Last edited: 2 Sep 2014
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    14. Playtime
      Wile do not meant to derail this conversation, considering I brought it up. Something you said really stuck with me. Your suggestions were all very valid and great points to work around the issues that I've noticed. Although this comment brings a burning question to my mind.

      "I guess this is a consequence of the drop from the sky feature. Griefers could drop down when dying to enter other places."

      Pawncraft has some of the greatest protection from hacking/griefing/asshats in the game. AKA: Live Admins that care + the Addons to help them flesh out details and truths. In my personal experience they are both harsh and mild case by case. Most servers rely on software alone and my son and I play on this server because of the human touch.

      So you ask at this point, what is Alien's "burning question?"
      To put my question in two parts with notes:
      Why has Pawncraft since the reset become a "PVE" environment focused on only PVE skills?
      -There are 1000 Vanilla+ Servers out there what makes Pawncraft different?
      - We can no longer quick travel or fly, this hurts creative building.
      -If we take an advanced skill we loose our mining skills, our ability to enchant items at a decent level and cannot wear our armor in certain cases. That is not PVE its PVM.
      -Mob Spawners: Why is It ok to take away one of the basic building blocks of Minecraft and PVE away from us? Taking the exp from us makes the creative building and hard word that is put into making a good grinder pointless. (most good redstone contraptions are for pvp or mob spawners.) If you want an example of why turning that exp off is usless please just visit my island.
      The second part of this question is simple, and I can already sense the responses, fell free to flame me for speaking the truth.
      Why do you spend so much time laying traps to ban people? Have you become jaded by asshats?
      I truly understand the need to keep the asshats off the server, but laying traps is juvenile. Its what Xander_Lee does in his house to play games with me. "Daddy go in my house... giggle, giggle." Lay the damn rules out like you did before the reset, Whoever had the spawn area set up (Pawned, Crinkle) had it set right. Warn a person when they do wrong, give them a chance to become a great Pawncrafter. I see people banned for breaking 2 blocks or failing to read a sign. What I have seen in some cases could be considered a dictatorship setting up new players to pawncraft to fail.

      I certainly don't expect a response to this on the forums, but I truly do hope that the vet. players to Pawncraft remember where they came from and that at one point they were new to the game.

      Erick, AlienOperative.
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    15. Aegis
      To address the "traps" issue, they aren't 2 blocks and ban. As a matter of fact, the current traps laid out actually have very clear signs near them saying "DONT STEAL" in terms of the honeychest ones: See example here http://mcbans.com/ban/5339867 and here http://mcbans.com/ban/5339071. In terms of the honeypot bans, you must break at least 5 of the designated blocks in order for it to be an auto ban. The server rules are quite clear on "No griefing" so I don't see what the complaint here is. Griefing is and will never be allowed so there really is no other warning aside from the "No griefing" signs around the spawn area, the "What is griefing" question in the guest test, and the rules as laid out in /rules [1-5]. This is actually to localize the griefing to a smaller area and not to say, all the way out to your home or others' homes. It makes it easier to remove problem players before the damage they do is too widespread and takes away time from other issues when doing grief checking.
      For public logs and proof bans, please see the following links for MCBans, Honeypot, and Honeychest

      As for the grinders, Since there is a "kill timer" already in place, I can allow mob spawners to give xp albeit minimal amounts along with Pawn drops. This will allow mob spawners to be a slow but steady trickle of xp and money while not being a "easy route" of just doing nothing but AFKing to get money and experience.

      To address the PvE thing and why removing global PvP was implemented was due to the amount of headache and arguments that came from it. To most people, PvP = Griefing/raiding/anarchy. This causes a lot of issues as you can see and has caused problems in the past. Do we want to return to this? Not really. It makes it a lot better to not be banned for say, killing someone, then having them "revenge grief" you out of anger. PvP will later be shifted to "arena style" combat instead of anywhere someone thinks it would be funny to irritate someone or "spawncamp" their home.

      For the advanced skills, this is always a choice to go with when choosing a class.

      To address the "quick travel" thing, it already has been addressed here: http://pawncraft.co.uk/xf/threads/towny-citizens-and-transport.8448/
      and in the earlier but now outdated announcement here: http://pawncraft.co.uk/xf/threads/donation-perks-server-overhauls-and-1-8.8345/
      It was to encourage more of a "community" based thing rather than having people just build on their own. So far, it has been working and we have quite a few towns and settlements popping up around the map. Can you live on your own and still be part of a town? Surprisingly, yes. You can still join a town you want to /t spawn to, and have a separate /home to go to. Will it be like the old days where you could go to someone's /home? The answer would be no at this point as it created too many issues of people using others /home to grief/steal/whatever.

      In terms of flight, this was something that was rather poorly implemented alongside earlier "PvP" that was rather much abused and hard to "prove". It also had to do with it being a donor perk that created quite a few issues with the EULA enforcement laid out here: https://mojang.com/2014/06/lets-talk-server-monetisation-the-follow-up-qa/
      As for flight being used for "creative" building purposes, this is a survival server. We have a special creative world if you want to use flight for creative purposes. It also didn't play nicely with the fact that you can fly and never touch a mob and just basically garner drops/xp/money from them. This takes away from the survival aspect of the server and makes it rather pointless to bother with survival damage/mechanics in the first place.
      Last edited: 5 Sep 2014
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    16. Playtime
      Thanks for the very concise response Aegis, I’m sorry to have made you type so much. ;) For the record I would like to state that although I don’t agree with laying traps for new players I do agree with everything you said and the reasoning behind it. I of course was exaggerating the 2 block thing. I simply wish that there was a gentler touch used such as a Jail/mute vs. a Ban in the beginning days for a new Pawncrafter. Often this alone would drive out folks with bad intentions, but I do understand why often that cannot work. Trust me I appreciate the hard work and length of time the staff invests in keeping Pawncraft grief free.

      As for the PvP/PvE thing you may have misunderstood what I was saying. Personally, I do not ever wish to see PvP on Pawncraft. The Heroes plugin is just geared more for PvP than PvE in the fact that they are all combat skills resulting in the upgrading the power of normal mobs to give the plugin a purpose. A possible solution to this would be to implement a builder/trader style class where we didn’t lose the level 40 citizen perk, gained something such as feather falling or limited levitation but lost some combat skills and health.

      When it comes to quick travel, what I was trying to express unsuccessfully was that with the loss of commands such as /outpost and /fly and the implementation of a 100 pawn charge to travel to someone it is much harder to be social with friends across the map. It almost negates the effectiveness of trading or setting up shops. Who is going to spend 100 pawn or run for 30 minutes to buy 2 slimeballs in the middle of a build. It’s just far quicker to farm what you need alone. I know the solution to this… “Stop being an antisocial jerk Erick and join a town.” J I’ll just keep donating resources to the bridge fund.

      Anyways Aegis, please don’t think I’m bitching about the server, I love Pawncraft. I’m just putting a voice to my concerns.
      Erick, AlienOperative
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    17. vbguy21
      Thanks for your input Erick. I'd also like to say that the good news is, in addition to the bridges that will be used to travel on, towns also have the ability (once they build the appropriate docks,etc.) to build there own transportation system (such as a ship, etc) that will allow you to travel from town to town and allow for easier movement.

      Thanks again for the feedback. We definitely want to members to have voices on pawncraft so we welcome any ideas even if it may not be possible to accommodate them all.


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    18. Aegis
      Currently waiting on the DMCA issue on bukkit to be solved so we can move forward with things.
      Also, I may add specialized sub-classes (secondary classes) that implement say, easier enchanting or extra skills like mining/woodcutting/utility skills such as healing.
      Last edited: 6 Sep 2014
    19. AzazelV
      I think i saw this coming from a long time ago... *sighs*
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