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Looking for a map. Need suggestions.

Discussion in 'Banter' started by GintoniQ, 6 Mar 2012.

  1. GintoniQ

    GintoniQ Member

    3 Apr 2011
    Likes Received:
    hello fellow minecrafters,

    i have recently returned to the game but this time i brought my GF with me, she wants to play with me online games (i am out of the country) so i decided that a good beginner game is MINECRAFT (she needs to be ready for D3!)

    I have set up a little vanilla server in order to introduce her to the basic mechanics. But also to become familiar with the game before she joins pawncraft (since pawned needs more time to update etc)

    I played for a few hours on my new 3-player server and i understood that soon it will become utterly boring!

    I am posting, this not interesting for you guys story, because i want to add a cool survival map with dungeons and treasure chests and cool biomes (maybe some floating isles) so i can improve her minecraft experience, dont forget im preparing her for diablo :p

    I would like you to give me some suggestions on were to look or to propose something you have seen and liked regarding small multi-player survival maps (i still want her to be able to build etc)


  2. Pawned

    Pawned Founder Staff Member

    19 Sep 2010
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    I'd like to point out that it is now possible to become a member on the 1.2 Test server by typing /apply <member word here>. The word can be found by reading the rules and the proceeding tutorial.

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