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Loot Crates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawned, 2 Sep 2017.

By Pawned on 2 Sep 2017 at 15:50
  1. Pawned

    Pawned Founder Staff Member

    19 Sep 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hey Everybody!

    Today I'd like to announce that we now have loot crates on the server.

    There are 3 loot crates, all offering different rewards which you can get at random.

    You will need a physical key to use the crates and the keys can be obtain in 2 ways:

    1 method is via voting streaks. You will get a Basic Key if you vote for 7 days in a row, a Basic & Elite Key if you vote for 2 weeks in a row and a Basic, Elite & Pawntastic Key if you vote for 2 months in a row.

    The second method is by donating. You can buy a Basic Key for £1, an Elite Key for £2.50 and a Pawntastic Key for £5.

    You can find the crates to use your Keys on at /gs in the main world.

    If you have any suggestions for items that could be added into the Crates, please let me know.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawned, 2 Sep 2017.

    1. Captain_Reginald
      So is this if you vote on at least one website a day for those periods of time?

      Beacons / Nether Stars / stack of diamonds / elytra / shulker boxes should be in the Pawntastic crate if they aren't already.
    2. Pawned
      That's right.

      Will do :)
      Captain_Reginald likes this.
    3. crinkle
      Please make sure no random pointless decals, this isnt pawnket league.
      Captain_Reginald likes this.

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