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Lost everything

Discussion in 'Admin Requests' started by Rusty912, 19 Feb 2016.

  1. Rusty912

    Rusty912 Member

    27 Aug 2013
    Likes Received:
    When I logged back in today, inventory was gone, armour, too.
    See -3651, 52, -210.
    Axel says I'm stuck in a block, yet I'm not. Axel unable to tp to me, ends up in a hole in smooth stone somewhere, was able to tp me to there.
    Possibilties 1) I'm a new Ironbeard, some items/areas are protected.
    2) I logged out in Captain Reginald's place on the boundary between where the beacon effects wear off?
    Stuff missing:
    Life Tome, Godstone, dia sword with some low end enchants, dia axe w/enchant (forgot what-something poor), dia shovel w/ enchant ( effic 1?), dia pick w/fortune 3, dia pick w/ efficiency 3/unbr 2(?), dia pick w/silk 1 and something else minor maybe effic 2, about three stacks of glass?, btw 32&64 arrows, about 32 cooked steak, misc other stuff - don't matter. Diamond armours. enchants - none too hype don't remember exactly. things like prot 2.
    bow enchanted with power 2
    Last edited: 19 Feb 2016

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