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Money System Needs Rebuffed

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Captain_Reginald, 7 Jan 2017.

  1. Captain_Reginald

    Captain_Reginald Pawnaholic Staff Member VIP RAINBRO

    1 Aug 2015
    Likes Received:
    Back on 1.8, it was pretty easy to get money. Not only did we have voting which gave you 50P each, but every time you killed a mob it would give you a fair amount of cash. Back in the day, the amount you got for each mob only decreased if you kept killing the same mob over and over again. Then it would stop completely and you'd have to kill a different kind of mob to reset the numbers and get money from killing that mob again. Those of us who were smart would simply go back and forth between different mobs so you could get the most money each time.

    Unfortunately on the current system, the way you get money is so useless that it's pretty much broken. Not only does voting not work (which by the way, we need to fix because that's a good incentive to vote and it promotes the server at the same time) but each time you kill a mob - no matter if you kill a different mob before killing a second one - the amount you get for each mob decreases every time. For instance, if I got 5P for killing a creeper and then got 5P for killing a zombie, I'd still get 2.5P when I went back to killing a creeper. Also, some mobs values seem to be broken. I can kill a Ghast for 2.3P to start out instead of 50P like it used to be.

    I request that we go back to the old way of getting money. For one, we re-implement the voting system we had on 1.8. Secondly, each mob has a certain value of it's own and every time you kill a new mob, the clock resets and you get that mob's full value. This is how it was when I joined and it was a good incentive to stay. Now when you kill a mob, the first time you might get 5P, then it halves, then it halves again, and it keeps halving until you kill 60 of that mob. You can see that by the time you're done, you're getting something like 1 pwn each time which can't buy you anything. That doesn't give much appeal to it for new players.

    Here are the list of prices that you used to be able to get from each mob. I've also added possible values for new ones that have since been added to the game. Each mob was valued at a certain price based on how hard it was to kill and how rare it was.

    All Passive and Tamable Mobs - These mobs didn't used to give you any money when you killed them. That was a good balance back in the day since the amount you could get from hostile mobs was sufficient. I suggest that we either completely remove compensation for these or make them all 1P each so it's not a very good incentive to just kill mobs that won't fight back.
    Zombie 3P [Same for Husk which is a variation of the Zombie]
    Spider 3P
    Cave Spider 3P
    Skeleton 3P (I request that we raise this up to 10P because skeletons have gotten immensely harder to fight since those days because of the update in 1.9 that allows them to strafe and because of the new combat update that came at the same time making everything harder to fight. I would argue that they're even harder than creepers) [Same for Stray which is a variation of the Skeleton]
    Silverfish 3P
    Gaurdian 3P
    Creeper 10P
    Witch 10P
    Slime 10P
    Endermite 3P
    Enderman 10P
    Shulker 10P
    Magma Cube 10P
    Wither Skeleton 10P
    Blaze 10P
    Zombie Pigman 15P
    Vex 3-5P (new mob - not totally sure of it's value. It's fairly hard to fight so that makes me think 5)
    Evoker 5-10P (new mob - not totally sure of it's value. It's hard to fight so that makes me think 10)
    Vindecator 15-20P (new mob - not totally sure of it's value. It's very hard to fight so that makes me think 20)
    Elder Gaurdian 50P
    Ghast 50P
    Polar Bear 50P
    Wither 200P
    Ender Dragon 500P

    Exceptions: Spider Jockeys gave the normal amount for killing the spider and then the normal amount for killing the skeleton. Chicken Jockeys just gave the normal amount for killing the zombie, so 3P. If there is any way that we can specifically change the amount of money you can get from Skeleton Riders, it would be great if we could do that. In contrast to the other two riding mobs, these are very hard to fight. They have enchanted bows, ride quickly (and can even strafe on the horse), enchanted helmets that keep them from burning in the sun, and gang up on you all at once because they spawn in threes.

    If we could fix this issue it would be a really good help to the server.
  2. Pawned

    Pawned Founder Staff Member

    19 Sep 2010
    Likes Received:
    I'd like to consider this suggestion now fully implemented, but if anyone has any further suggestions on the topic I'm glad to take them on-board. I believe we have reached a good balance now though.

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