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Pawncraft 1.2 Reset - Everything You Need to Know.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SupWithThat, 18 Feb 2012.

By SupWithThat on 18 Feb 2012 at 19:11
  1. SupWithThat

    SupWithThat Banhammer be strong.

    29 Jul 2011
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    Pawncraft 1.2 Map Reset
    (Yes, it's happening)
    Firstly, let us explain:
    In order for us to maintain the great server experience which our members, new and old, have come to expect of us - we need to ensure that our server is always running the most recent version of the game and offering our members the most current version of the Minecraft experience.​
    Whilst updating to 1.2 and maintaining the current map may allow us to give you some of the update's features, it will not allow us to bring you them all such as:​
    • Inclusion of 'Jungle' biomes
    • Doubling of building height
    • Effective manipulation of current biomes to scale properly with higher height limit, mountains will be far higher, more sheer etc.
    Don't Panic!
    We fully understand that you have put a lot of work into your creations in the current map (we have too!) and we're all in the same boat and want this to go as smooth as possible. A couple notes to stop you from panicking prematurely:
    • Your money will still be there after the reset!
    • Had towny before? You still will!
    • Your structures will be subject to an application process, should we decide you meet the criteria for the new map, your entire structure will be brought over!
    • Everyone, regardless of application progress, will be granted two double chests into which they may pack anything which will be brought over unconditionally.
    What we need from YOU.
    This swapover won't just happen magically, however, we need you guys to pitch in a little too - don't worry though, it's not much effort on your part and will help us ensure that your creations can be considered to come across to the 1.2 world.

    The following template will help us locate and copy your structures into the new world.


    Number of buildings:


    Pictures of buildings:

    Additional information(optional):

    Once you've filled in the template given, send it to SupWithThat in a private message on the forum and it will find it's way onto the staff board where it may be deliberated on.

    Don't know how to find Coords?
    Finding your coords is easy - Simply stand in the desired area which you wish to be pasted over and press f3. Your screen will be covered by an interface which will include the coords of your current location, it will look like this:


    You'll notice that the coords are displayed over the course of three lines, inside the template please write them as a whole number as follows: firstline secondline thirdline


    If you do not tell us the coords of your structures with instructions to bring it over it will not be brought over.

    Warning! V1.2

    Buildings which are brought over will have ALL of their chests removed.

    A reassurance
    We staff will be working on this tirelessly once the update hits and you have our word that this will be resolved in the least amount of time in the least intrusive way possible.

    Happy Minecrafting!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SupWithThat, 18 Feb 2012.

    1. Tootitbootit
      So, even if I do not apply for a building to get teleported, I can still bring goodies in 2 double chests? =D
    2. SupWithThat
      The teleported building will have all chests removed.

      Edit - OP edited to reflect this.
    3. pongolongo
      How will the two double chest thing be orgainised?
    4. SupWithThat
      I will be building an almighty complex.

      It shall be called ''The Almighty Double Chest for Each Member to Take With Them Into the 1.2 Map After the Reset...Complex''
    5. Tootitbootit
      Ah, allright. Sup : If you need any help organising things, I'd be glad to do so!
    6. the_amber_trap
      I almost think that everyone should be fine with just one double chest.
    7. crinkle
      I also recommend deleting any valuable blocks, such as lapiz block gold block, iron block and especially diamond blocks from buildings. As some people might incorporate these into architecture as a possible way of smuggling in precious resources.
    8. tunesnatcher
      where is this complex?
    9. MrHobbits
      Amber, I know for me, having two chests would be awesome. I have 4 chests now that are filled with potions, armor, food, and weapons. So I get to try and figure out which stuff I REALLY WANT. Which will make it tough to decide for sure.


      Also, how will this affect people who are currently banned, but have a foreseeable future of being NOT banned. (Like those with week long or so bans.) How will we make sure the stuff they have can be brought over as well. Supervised visits? Muted whilst online type deal? (Sort of like prisoner escort?)
    10. crinkle
      I recommend only one double chests, and yeah i am gonna cry over that decision myself, but the more mining and exploring people have to do over the new world, the better. Fresh starts are good starts!
    11. Tootitbootit
      well, I think thats a good decission. 2 chests is 108 slots of space, and that is actually a lot! If you have a lot of iron (like me) and turn it into blocks, you could take 18 stacks of iron with only 2 slots of space used up, also counts for gold lapis etcetc.

      I like the idea of taking something with you, but 1 double chest would be enough!
      Allthough, you could just 'sell' your space to people that trust you, ghehe.
      Portrend likes this.
    12. crinkle
      And dont forget about INVENTORY space!
    13. stuntmanster
      With all the countless hours and pawn i have put into things (especially recently) to find this out you only have only a single double chest. Not only do I not have the time to do it all again, I don't want to have to redo ALL that work to get those things... I think it should be a choice to have a fresh start... some of us just can't do it while others may want to and enjoy it. I could easily fill up many, many more chests with valuables, not random things. Especially knowing that all my structures won't be saved, the extra items will be needed to remake many things..I can't build everything out of iron ore/blocks..
    14. Tootitbootit
      Crinkle, inventories will be cleared?

      Stuntmaster, there is a ability to get creations copied over to the new world. But still stunt, its not like the world resets and you can go on as you do right now! Theres always something you need to redo, rebuild or recollect.
      I really think new maps are fun, even though you lose all of your work.
    15. MrHobbits
      Every time the world has reset, my buildings have always been bigger, better and more fun to build. Mostly because you dont get the feeling of abandonment if you quit one city/building/project and move somewhere else. With world resets, you just get a blank page and it's all fresh!
      the_amber_trap likes this.
    16. jkerr
      Plus, if anyone wants, we can talk a walk around your creations and make a YouTube video so your creations are immortalized :)
      overlord213 and iKickHobbits like this.
    17. MrHobbits
      ^^^ This..

      Now where's vlad's custom border....
    18. Portrend
      Who deleted my post again? That one was helpful :/
    19. [1337]Skinback
      My questions is this will enchanted items keep there enchantment when saved and moved over. Next towny is mentioned but me and Slug both have nations will we get them as well. For me and Nefarious i cant say what will be good to be moved till i have seen the new map so the moving of creations will this be a slow process. If so that would be great for me.

      Im happy for a restart but also unhappy for all the work the 1.9 project team put in to create this map but life goes on its just a shame :(

      P.s where would you like the applications posted for moved creations?

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