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Staff Changes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawned, 18 Jun 2012.

By Pawned on 18 Jun 2012 at 02:35
  1. Pawned

    Pawned Founder Staff Member

    19 Sep 2010
    Likes Received:
    Note: All demotions are only 1 rank down. For example: A2s will move to A1, A1 to A0 and A0 to normal Member.
    Demoted admins can easily re-obtain their previous rank by working on the feedback provided.

    the_amber_trap: You will stay the same rank. You could do with being slightly more active, but other than that you're doing a fine job.
    iKickHobbits: You've been demoted. Whilst you do do a good job while in-game, we only see you around 2 times a month.
    VladTheImpaler: You've been demoted. You come online every day, but only for a very short period of time. During this time you do not do anything.
    Bluie: You've been demoted. You are inactive and when you are online just work on your own builds.
    Bankercat3: You will stay the same rank. You help out while online, but need to be online more often.
    jkerr: You've been demoted. You are very helpful when in-game, but do not come in-game often. I was going to demote you, but you were online all of yesterday and were quite helpful. If you could continue to remain active, that'd be great.
    SupWithThat: You've been demoted. You are helpful when in-game, but do not come in-game often.
    MC_Crinkle: You've been promoted. You are in-game often and help out when asked. Would be nice if you could help the noobs a bit more as I often see other admins struggling to deal with them all.
    SlugBoyTom: You've been promoted. You are in-game often and help out a lot.
    Skinback: You've been demoted. You haven't been online for 15 days and gave no warning of your inactivity.
    Axelmotley: You've been promoted. You are in-game often and help out a lot.

    Morgan5555: You've been made an admin.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pawned, 18 Jun 2012.

    1. Axelmotley
      D-e-lightful :D :D
      Vampireblood5 and Bread like this.
    2. the_amber_trap
      Thanks Pawned, I am trying to be more active now that the semester is over.

      I am about to embark on a road trip with my kids to see a bunch of relatives, and I have no idea how the internet will be at my various destinations. I should at the very least be able to jump on weekly, if everything goes according to plan. I'll just find a Starbucks (coffee place known for free wi-fi) and play Pawncraft instead of writing a novel that no one will read (people at Starbucks on their laptops are known for writing things to appear smart.)
      Vork Moin likes this.
    3. Portrend
      I fink i be admin now m8 fanx babycakes i take u gregs long tiem
    4. pongolongo
      Congrats MC_Crinkle, SlugBoyTom and Axelmotley :D
      Portrend likes this.
    5. Portrend
      Pawned, nobody has heard from Skin. Think a technical difficulty may have occurred hence the absence of a warning.

      Either that or he's dead. -__-
      Vampireblood5 likes this.
    6. pongolongo
      Congrats to Morgan5555 as well :D
      Portrend likes this.
    7. SlugBoyTom
      *Evil world-borking WorldEdit laugh*

      Thanks Pawned, staff changes are always for the best. I'll continue to be active as much as possible and help out wherever needed. Grats to the other promoted admins and morgan too!
    8. Krigekongen
      It should have been written at the bottom with a miniature font. "Krige has been promotesexynated"
      Portrend and TheRowan like this.
    9. SupWithThat
      Fair feedback, and fair actions taken.

      Congrats everyone that was promoted, everyone who was demoted (including myself) knows which steps to take to re-obtain their ranks.

      I've enjoyed being a part of this community and will enjoy continuing to be a part of it in whatever capacity that may be.
      Sushimitzu likes this.
    10. crinkle

      I apologise to all for me afk-ness and absenteeism of late. Works a hassle, and I AM editing up that pawncraft video i've been promising for years. I'll make more of an effort tho!
    11. Miralynn
      Im probably speaking out of turn, but lets just say that Skinback is currently saving the world from the evilist bitch called Real Life. For all of you still alive and reading this, please bow your heads and pay your respects to Super Skinback saving your no-life arse once again.

      It just goes to show that Skinback has his priorities straight (, all for your wellbeing of course).
    12. Axelmotley
      We all have real life going against us. And as Pawned says..
      He can surely get his rank back if he becomes more active ^_^
    13. Miralynn
      Bow head. Pay respect. For Super Skinback helped your no-life again.
      overlord213 likes this.
    14. Axelmotley
      I am starting job training tomorrow.. Working 12 hour shifts after that and going to school full-time :) Sooo yes, life bites sometimes. He'll earn it back I'm sure :).
    15. the_amber_trap
      NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Axel, don't leave me!
    16. Superdood
      Congratulations to morgan5555! :D
    17. MrHobbits
      Yeah, I had a feeling you guys were missing me as much as I missed you! Dont worry, now that some really tough times are almost over I intend to be on more than usual. I will be overseas here soon, so my connectivity (latency) will probably not be the most awesome, but I've dealt with worse block lag right!!!

      Anyways, I'm super happy for those of you who got promoted! I know Pawned is VERY picky with who he chooses to administrate our world, and I know that he made those decisions based upon a good amount of thinking. So again, congrats!

      For those of us who got demoted, well... don't you dare hang your head and get all sniffly on us! Just fix whatever got you into this predicament and you'll be right as rain eventually!

      For those of you who made A2.... KEEP YOUR BRUSH SIZES BELOW 15!!!! Dont you do //sphere sand 20!!!!!!!
      Portrend likes this.
    18. the_amber_trap
      I think every A2 has choked the server with sand before. It may very well be rite of passage.
      iKickHobbits likes this.
    19. Vork Moin
      Vork Moin
      Everyone said: "Inactivity"

      And that's why I'm no admin. :D

      Edit: It's even starting to happen here on the forum! :eek: Too much like real life self!

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