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The Walrus Hunters

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Bankercat3, 18 Jun 2012.

  1. Bankercat3

    Bankercat3 Master Banker

    30 Apr 2011
    Likes Received:
    The Walrus Hunters

    Little known fact: All walruses have a sick desire to overthrow mankind. Walruses have demonstrated time and time again an intellect superior to that of all other animals. They have the capability to wipe out mankind as we know it. My corporation "Walri" hope's to exterminate all walrus's in the universe. Our base is currently being built in a jungle (The walruses prime breeding ground), and we will let you know when it is complete. Walruses have no natural predator, and are therefore allowed to multiply far beyond the normal rate. However, there is one animal they fear: The moose. Moose are the only animal we can trust in this sick world we live in. Moose spies are constantly sent in disguise to Walrus rallying lectures, and are our number one source of information on this terrible creature. Unfortunately, some moose have already fallen prey to the walruses:

    If your moose informant looks like this, don't speak to it. Simply do it justice and end it's life.
    Why the HELL should I be afraid of a walrus?!- You must be extremely careful when confronted by a walrus. In example A, we see a walrus wielding two AK-47's. The bare fact alone that a walrus posses the strength two hold two assault rifles with two flippers is scary enough.
    (the walrus depicted in this picture isn't a walrus, but rather a descendent of one. People of Skyrim know it as a "Horker" and these creatures are just as dangerous, if not more so, than the walrus)

    You can see the bloodlust in his eyes. Not only have Walruses discovered proper usage of man made weapons, they go as far as disguising themselves as a human.
    The man who took the picture was never seen again.
    Men, women, children. We must band together and rid ourselves of this menace. Join Walri today and we can put an end to this.

    How To Join: We take our walrus hunting extremely seriously, and we have to make sure our members can handle the emotional and physical toll a life of walrus hunting takes on your body. To join, you must write a short paragraph on why you want to destroy the walruses and you must read this. I will then approve your application and invite you to our humble guild.

    Current Freedom-Fighters:

    - Bankercat3

    - All moose
  2. the_amber_trap

    the_amber_trap Calm down so I can be the angry one. Staff Member

    23 Nov 2010
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    Those are horkers, not walruses.

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