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Towny problem announcement

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SlugBoyTom, 7 Feb 2012.

  1. SlugBoyTom

    SlugBoyTom Slimy, yet satisfying Staff Member

    5 Jun 2011
    Likes Received:
    Hey guys, just a quick announcement about some small problems you may be having with joining towns.

    Recently, our towny plugin updated, adding a few new useful features. Unfortunately (For now at least), it also creates a problem when players are trying to accept an invite into the town: They get a message telling them the player that sent the invite is no longer online. This means they cannot join the town :(

    Fear not however, for there is indeed a solution! It's a bit complicated and tedious, but until this problem is fixed it's the only way you can join towns. Here is how it works:

    First, the town mayor or assistant has to type /town toggle open. This will allow anyone to join the town without an invite.
    Second, the player must then type /town join [townname]. They will then join the town. Hooray!
    Thirdly, the mayor or assistant must retype /town toggle open. Failing to do so will mean anyone can join their town without their say-so, including nasty griffers :(

    Again, sorry for the hassle, but it seems for now this is the only way people can join your town. I'll notify you guys on this thread if and when any more changes come about.
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