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+w vampireblood5

Discussion in 'Warnings' started by crinkle, 21 Jul 2012.

  1. crinkle

    crinkle Still very much bizness. VIP RAINBRO

    3 Dec 2010
    Likes Received:
    Reason: Disrespect of admins and members

    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: waht now mrs. ik
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: Learn how to spell.
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: excuse me, everyone
    has typos, deal with it
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: You're excused.
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: filthy peasent
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: apperently tht made
    vamp shut up...
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: I was afk dummy
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: doing something called
    a chore
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: hmm i thought thts waht
    peasants like me did, not evil queens like u did
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: i am only evil to
    annoying filth like you
    [G] [Save] [Member] Joseeltaco: what is this fight about i dont
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: i called him a peasent
    * vampireblood5 is the queen so she automatically wins
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: yes m lady, u always win
    * marcanthonys uses his bow amazingness and shoots vamp
    right in ther head
    * vampireblood5 is a vampire and cannot be slain by an arrow
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: some ppls know on here
    how good i am with a bow
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: ive nvr talked to u b4
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: so how can i be
    annoying to u if ive nvr talked to u b4?
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: I just love believeing
    the stories minecrafters tell. Including serious things they lie
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: ...great job....killed all of
    our spirits...with ur speach....also our ability to listen to any
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: I finally got you to
    shut up.Thats what i wanted
    [G] [Save] [Member] Joseeltaco: somone placed a sign near my
    town that says "admins suck ####"
    [L] [Epica] [Admin] MC_Crinkle: vamp why did you place this
    [G] [Epica] [Admin] MC_Crinkle: vamp why did you place this
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: my friend was friken
    around with it while i was going to the bathroom
    [G] [Epica] [Admin] MC_Crinkle: and you never thought to clear
    it up afterwards?
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: i didnt know it wuz
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] marcanthonys: thn how do u know
    he/she did it?
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: cuz you just said that
    a sign was placed by me. I obviously didnd to it
    [G] [Epica] [Admin] MC_Crinkle: when was your freind round
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: ahhhhhh around 3-5
    days ago
    [G] [Skulblaka] [Member] vampireblood5: idk we hang out alot



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