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+B Global xX_whisper_Xx

Discussion in 'Bans' started by Captain_Reginald, 14 Sep 2016.

  1. Captain_Reginald

    Captain_Reginald Pawnaholic Staff Member VIP RAINBRO

    1 Aug 2015
    Likes Received:
    IGN: xX_whisper_Xx
    Reason: Griefing at various points around the map
    Duration: Permanent until appeal
    Note: I gave him a second chance once because he first griefed KIX's house and I thought he might not have known that the house was claimed as it was a stock village house. But today while looking for griefing, I stumbled upon an area at new spawn where he stole diamond blocks. He obviously had neglected to tell me about this when I confronted him about Killer's house the other day. That could have been a mistake. This? no.

    Side note: I have yet to rollback the damage, but I'll be doing that soon. When I do, I'll remove this note. (I rolled back most of the damage shortly after posting this, but I couldn't roll back the damage at spawn since it was an "unspecified action.")

    Two diamond blocks missing from a whole. It registered the change as "an unspecified action" probably because the blocks were made in world edit.

    It's obvious that two diamond blocks were replaced with cobble here.



    When I gave him a second chance, this is where he had griefed. He put dirt in KIX's house and mined out the two planks under that torch there.
    Last edited: 14 Sep 2016

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