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by vbguy21 at 16:05
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Happy Thanksgiving to the Pawncraft Community!!

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by AegisZephyr at 06:47
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Since I can't edit the buycraft page or the donate page directly, I suppose I'll update the donor perks here. Since the EULA prevents monetizing perks that sell pieces of the game or advantages/mechanics that you can only get for real money (pay2win), we have updated our donor packages to reflect a more fair and cosmetic "thank you gift" that you receive for donations. The following perks now are given per rank as follows:

Please note that we do not make any profit from your donations and that all of the money "earned" goes to the running costs of the server.

Minecraft Packages

VIP Package/Sub:
Ability to build in the Creative world without making an application
No file-size limit on avatars, the ability to change your user title and a donator ribbon on the forum.
Player particle effects: flashy particle effects like clouds, stars, enderman effects, etc to show off to your friends.
VIP tag: A fancy...
by AegisZephyr at 00:10
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Due to what appears to be a discontinuance in Bukkit, indecisiveness in the general whiny minecraft community, and numerous issues with current server setups, I will be slimming down the server in preparation for whatever new server mod we will be using next. From what it appears, Sponge (Forge's Server Mod API) looks to be a good frontrunner of where all of our plugin devs will be heading to. If in some miraculuous event that the collective Minecraft community decides to pull its head out of its ass and stop bitching and moaning and somehow Bukkit goes back to its nice old self, we will be Version locked at 1.7.10 until whatever comes up first to update the server to. As stated in the earlier announcement, we will still be up and running as usual. In the meantime, I will attempt to do some fun things and events on the server to bolster a bit more performance and fun back...
by AegisZephyr at 15:22
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The server will continue as usual during our normal update protocol. For those of you unfamiliar with standard update procedure, we simply wait on the stable version until there is a viable update and all essential plugins are updated for aforementioned update.

However, due to the recent Bukkit obstruction that I will not be getting into, we will be "version locked" to 1.7.10 until a new server API comes out and most if not all of our plugins are either ported over and converted for use on the new system or some miraculous thing happens and Bukkit goes on as normal. What appears to be quite promising and where most if not all of the devs that maintain our essential plugins such as Prism and Towny, have moved towards the Sponge project: http://forums.spongepowered.org/t/planning-plugin-development-projects/133

The server will still be maintained and carry on as usual.