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by GlacialOrchid at 07:38
(171 Views / 4 Likes)
Ignore the announcement's date, I'm posting this early and saying August is rather late on the last day of posting

The following changes have taken place on the server for official changes:

LWC and Frame protect
LWC is replacing Lockette, Please relock/replace your chests using /cprivate. Will post in game instructions under /protection
Item frames and paintings will now be autoprotected on placement and you can now protect Armor stands via shift left clicking them. This also protects the block you place them on for additional protections. Try avoiding placing these on gravity affected blocks such as gravel and sand. It won't break them but can still move them around if you want them stationary.

Please note that while lockette will still...
by GlacialOrchid at 00:06
(125 Views / 1 Likes)
The server will be online but in whitelist mode for a few hours to update and test plugins to ensure a lag free and bug-free (as little as possible rather) environment. The server will not be open to the public during this time.
by StarScore at 12:01
(266 Views / 1 Likes)
We have now changed internet service provider and that means we get a new IP address. It takes a while before pawncraft.co.uk gets propagated to all the global DNS servers.

Sadly my new ISP made a mistake so they didnt activate static IP and that means that we will need to change IP once again when they activate it :/

You can reach the minecraft server if you use the IP if you dont want to wait for the DNS servers, i will publish the IP on Facebook, twitter and the IRC chat.
by GlacialOrchid at 18:50
(616 Views / 0 Likes)
We need your help finding the outdated/broken commands and mechanics (more specifically, I do) so that we may fix them or at least update/replace them with something else. Things we're looking for are outdated /help menu commands, helper command suggestions for things you may not be 100% up to date on, mechanics you'd like to see working again and anything else that may come to mind. I will be going through server configs and through the world today to fix/update some of these things so let me know if I'm on or post them here.