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  2. we are running version 1.8.x
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by GlacialOrchid at 00:06
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The server will be online but in whitelist mode for a few hours to update and test plugins to ensure a lag free and bug-free (as little as possible rather) environment. The server will not be open to the public during this time.
by StarScore at 12:01
(233 Views / 1 Likes)
We have now changed internet service provider and that means we get a new IP address. It takes a while before pawncraft.co.uk gets propagated to all the global DNS servers.

Sadly my new ISP made a mistake so they didnt activate static IP and that means that we will need to change IP once again when they activate it :/

You can reach the minecraft server if you use the IP if you dont want to wait for the DNS servers, i will publish the IP on Facebook, twitter and the IRC chat.
by GlacialOrchid at 18:50
(428 Views / 0 Likes)
We need your help finding the outdated/broken commands and mechanics (more specifically, I do) so that we may fix them or at least update/replace them with something else. Things we're looking for are outdated /help menu commands, helper command suggestions for things you may not be 100% up to date on, mechanics you'd like to see working again and anything else that may come to mind. I will be going through server configs and through the world today to fix/update some of these things so let me know if I'm on or post them here.
by GlacialOrchid at 14:55
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We now have an Admin Request board for when you can't get an admin in game when you need them at a specific time. These posts are for important issues such as reporting potential rule breaking such as griefing, theft, and naughty and misbehaving guests.
You may request an admin here:

Note to claiming staff: please post if you have claimed a particular ticket thread and either need it to be escalated to a higher admin or that you have resolved the issue. If possible, please lock the thread and add the "Solved" tag to the title.