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by AegisZephyr at 14:01
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The server will go down completely on February the 5th for anywhere from an hour to several hours. The server host will be updating server software and possibly hardware to keep us running at the most up-to-date files.

Please note that during this time, you will also not be able to access the website, in game server, or website chat. However, you will still be able to connect via third party IRC client to our IRC channel.
If you don't know how to connect to IRC without using the website, there are a number of free alternatives that can be found via Google.

IRC connection details are as follows:
Server: comms.pawncraft.co.uk
Port: 6667
channel: #pawncraft
by AegisZephyr at 01:23
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The map has been expanded to an additional 1k block radius (12k*12k instead of 10k*10k). You may see the new map borders by clicking World Map at the top of the links under the Pawncraft logo or simply click here: http://pawncraft.co.uk:8123/

Have fun exploring new territory and happy crafting
- The Pawncraft Administration
by AegisZephyr at 21:48
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Happy New Year to all. We want to make sure you have fun and are safe out there tonight with all the people that will be celebrating with their assorted stockpiles of alcohol. Please be smart if you must drink and have a designated driver.
by AegisZephyr at 10:24
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As a precautionary notice, we here as the Pawncraft administration want you to have a good time and keep your account secure. Please read the following thread from minecraft forums to see a listing of sites that may contain malware and/or stolen mod content with possible viruses or other things to cause undesired operation and possibly permanent loss of data to your computer. We always suggest that you do extensive research and always get your mods if you must use a non-vanilla client from the authorized sites that the mod authors have designated.


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