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  2. we are running version 1.8.x
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by GlacialOrchid at 14:55
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We now have an Admin Request board for when you can't get an admin in game when you need them at a specific time. These posts are for important issues such as reporting potential rule breaking such as griefing, theft, and naughty and misbehaving guests.
You may request an admin here:

Note to claiming staff: please post if you have claimed a particular ticket thread and either need it to be escalated to a higher admin or that you have resolved the issue. If possible, please lock the thread and add the "Solved" tag to the title.
by GlacialOrchid at 06:42
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Please post in this thread any bugs I may have missed so that I can attempt to fix them. Remember, we are on an UNOFFICIAL version of Bukkit so we are flying blind in terms of support due to the ongoing Bukkit DMCA. I will try to fix or alleviate things as best as I can with what is available.

[Complete][Stage 1] Server successfully running 1.8, beginning process of adding in essential plugins first.
[Complete][Stage 2] Fixing permissions
[Complete][Stage 3] Adding in secondary plugins
[Complete][Stage 4] Adding in mechanics/convenience plugins
[Complete][Stage 5] Adding in some fun plugin additions

Towny re-added and fixed
Cauldrons coming soon! (have to add recipes)
by GlacialOrchid at 14:01
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The server will go down completely on February the 5th for anywhere from an hour to several hours. The server host will be updating server software and possibly hardware to keep us running at the most up-to-date files.

Please note that during this time, you will also not be able to access the website, in game server, or website chat. However, you will still be able to connect via third party IRC client to our IRC channel.
If you don't know how to connect to IRC without using the website, there are a number of free alternatives that can be found via Google.

IRC connection details are as follows:
Server: comms.pawncraft.co.uk
Port: 6667
channel: #pawncraft
by GlacialOrchid at 01:23
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The map has been expanded to an additional 1k block radius (12k*12k instead of 10k*10k). You may see the new map borders by clicking World Map at the top of the links under the Pawncraft logo or simply click here: http://pawncraft.co.uk:8123/

Have fun exploring new territory and happy crafting
- The Pawncraft Administration