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Hi All,

Today I'm bringing you an update to help secure your Pawncraft account.

From this day forth you will be able to set a password on your account so that when you login to the server you will be unable to do anything unless you type /login <password>.

The setup is simple, simply type /register <password> <password> in-game to secure your account.

For those of you thinking "Well what's the point?" I'll name just a couple.

Scenario A: Your Minecraft account gets hacked, they login to Pawncraft and start griefing yours and other people's stuff. Assuming you get access to your account back you need to go through a lengthy process with the Pawncraft administration to prove that you a) didn't grief in the first place and b) aren't the person who hacked your account. By having a password set within Pawncraft your hacker won't be able to cause any harm, if they try guessing your password they'll be kicked by the third attempt.

Scenario B: You're sharing your account with a sibling, for playing in SinglePlayer, but your sibling decides to click onto the Multiplayer tab and just can't help but join Pawncraft, they then start breaking your stuff, wreaking havoc upon the world. But having an extra password set within Pawncraft prevents this.

For those of you curious "Well can't Pawned just check the files and see our passwords?!?!?" the answer is simply no.

Firstly, when you run the /register and /login commands these are not logged to the console like regular commands, so we have no idea that you've even run the commands. Secondly, all passwords use military grade encryption to ensure that we (or anyone who manages to somehow steal our data) cannot find out your passwords.

And for the final part of the update... Admins, this is mandatory for you and you will be forced to /register when you next login to the server. This is to ensure the server is safe from massive worldedits being run, etc. should your account get hacked.
Hi All,

Today I'd like to announce the successor to the infamous repairstone and this comes in the familiar form of an Anvil!

From now on-wards you will be able to left-click an Anvil with a damaged item in your hand and be given the chance to repair it with either Pawn, Diamonds or XP!

But Pawned? How do I break an Anvil I've placed? It just keeps opening open the repair screen?!?! Fret not my child, simply sneak and then hit it and you'll be able to break it no problem!

I hope you enjoy the update :)
Hi All,

We now have 2 PvP Arenas!

Firstly we have the majestic Free For All Deathmatch Arena by Bluie, aptly named BlooArena!

Secondly we have a duel arena designed by ProSpect called ProArena :)

To have a deathmatch simply type /pa BlooArena - this will need 3 players to start.

If you want to have a duel with someone, simply challenge them to a duel at the ProArena!

The command for a duel is /pa ProArena duel <player>

We will have more arenas coming soon, such as Spleef and Capture the Flag!

If you want you can even design your own and ask me to turn it into an arena of your choice :)