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Hi All,

Small but significant bug fix, items with data values (e.g. shields with banners, chisel, etc.) now persist when logging out and back in.

Previously, if these items were kept in your inventory they would lose their data value upon relog, only way to stop this would be to store them in a chest before logging out and back in.

Happy to say this is now resolved.
Hi All,

As the title suggests, /tpa is back. This means that anyone with VIP rank or above can request to teleport to another player by simply typing /tpa <name>.

Have fun!
Ever wanted to get that fancy rainbro rank, but never had the money to get it?

Well now you can! (assuming you have enough Pawn)

Introducing the Rank Shop!

Head on over to the admin shop at Mart Mall, charge up those stairs and furiously right-click the [RankShop] sign to buy yourself 30 days of glorious benefits without having to spend a dime (of real money)!