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Pawncraft's Gaming Community.

MC_Crinkle is going to be videoing all your best creations and sticking them on his youtube channel, which has a lot of minecraft videos on it, almost all from PAWNCRAFT! These videos have racked up over 25,000 hit so far, and it goes up daily! The videoing will take place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June between 12.00 and 22.00 GMT both days.

As well as interesting landscapes, the video hopes to have awesome creations in it as well. If you wish to rally people for a spleef match or pvp battle, organise a time between yourselves and THEN let crinkle know. Crinkle will not want to arange anything as he is irresponsible and often busy adminning. :p

Filming Complete!

Test video:
Axelmotley re-promoted, reason being she is a good admin and there's no denying such a fact. She is helpful, nice and quick to respond. I am not going to have her be demoted for the sole reason that a few people have personal issues with her, when the general community enjoy her work as an admin. Complaints about her doing her job properly will have consequences.
  • /status : Displays the list of commands and your currently enabled statuses.
  • /status <name> : Displays the currently toggled functions of another player.
  • /afk : Sets your status as AwayFromKeyboard. This will notify people sending you private messages.
  • /dnd : Sets your status as DoNotDisturb. This will add [DND] in front of your name in chat and notify people sending you private messages. You will still receive them.
  • /nochat : This removes for you every message people type in chat including /me. Messages from other plugins and server will still go through.
  • /evade <name> : Allows a player to ignore another one. Removes the ignored player from regular chat, from /me and from private messages. Only the player using /ignore stops seeing that player's messages. Ignored players aren't persistent.
  • /evadelist : Displays the list of currently ignored players. Ignored players aren't persistent.
We hope you enjoy the update.
- Pawncraft Team