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Hi All,

Even more updates for you today :)

I have a couple of changes with regards to death handling on the server:

  1. Death Chests now stay in the world for 60 minutes. This was previously 30 minutes and for the last couple weeks has been permanent.
  2. You now receive a Death Compass when you die, this handy tool points you towards the location of your previous death, no longer will you spend forever trying to find where you died only to have the Death Chest disappear in front of your eyes!
  3. Graveyards - You can now discover Graveyards in the world, once discovered you will automatically spawn at the closest Graveyard when you die.
Note: There is currently only 1 Graveyard discover-able, we are looking for players to build us some more for us to dot around the world. We would appreciate any builds that you guys put forward, they can be in any theme and if you theme it around a specific biome then we'll make sure to put it in a matching biome :)
Hi Guys,

One thing I forgot to mention in the last announcement is that we now also have the ability to display in chat what item you're holding for everyone in-game to see. This is useful when you have items you want to sell which may have enchantments on, instead of listing it all out just send the item description in chat!

To advertise your item in chat simply type
and it will replace this with the item you're holding.

See screenshot below to see it in action:

Hello Everybody!

I've got a small yet significant update for you today which I hope will help to improve your gameplay experience.

First up we've got a new tool for you. The chisel allows you to easily rotate blocks that are rotateable, this includes but is not limited to stairs, glazed terracotta, and logs.

To create a Chisel all you need is a stick and a gold ingot, simply place the stick on the lower-left and the gold-ingot on the top-right in the 4x4 crafting grid.

All Chisels are good for 128 uses before they break.

As requested by a number of you guys we now have SilkSpawners - this enables you to break Spawners with a SilkTouch pickaxe for it to drop the spawner so you can move it elsewhere. It's really as simple as that.

And that's it for this update. Hope you enjoy.