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Pawncraft's Gaming Community.

Good Day Everyone!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Today I bring you another update and that is in the form of the donator packages.

The packages have been revamped to provide you with better perks - to see what you can get head over to the Donate page now! http://pawncraft.co.uk/xf/pages/Donations/

(Side Note: /buy is back in-game and when you donate your package will be automatically applied)

In some minor news the "Member+" rank has been renamed back to Creative and PvP Toggle is now a donator only command.

New players will also be protected from PvP for 2 hours after they join (this can be turned off with a command).

And a bit off-topic: I will now be on a lot more often than before (i.e. more than once a year). I plan to be coming on most evenings (London Time) and hopefully every weekend and will continue making changes to Pawncraft and hoping to get us as active as we once were in the past. I will also be trying to be on Discord while at work throughout weekdays, but note I may not always be available to speak. I hope to see you in-game and in Discord.
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

Today I would just like to announce some changes we have made to our communication channels.

As you know ever since Pawncraft started we have had an IRC chat available to join, which also links into Minecraft so you can keep chatting with everyone without even playing the game.

We also had a Mumble server, which allowed voice communications for those who wanted it.

Today I'm announcing that these servers are now gone. But hold on, don't rage quit just yet!

We have replaced these services with a new platform called Discord!

Discord is one central application that provides the same functionality as Mumble and IRC all in one place and it's also much friendlier on your CPU/Memory than both of those solutions.

To ensure that Discord is able to work for us we have also connected it to the Minecraft server so that Pawnbot lives on and you can still communicate with everyone in-game, while not in-game!

The great thing about Discord is that it can run in the browser and provide IRC and Voice Chat support but you can also download the Discord app which provides extra functionality and is less taxing on your system. Not only this but there is also a Discord app available for both iOS and Android!

You can join us in Discord now by simply going to the Chat page on our website as you normally do, there you'll find a little widget that if you click Connect on will take you straight on through to Discord. We recommend you download the Discord app as it uses less resources and allows you to easily join our conversations without having to open up a web browser and navigate your way to our chat page.

I hope you enjoy this update and if you have any suggestions feel free to fire me a PM.

I'll see you in Discord.
Ignore the announcement's date, I'm posting this early and saying August is rather late on the last day of posting

The following changes have taken place on the server for official changes:

LWC and Frame protect
LWC is replacing Lockette, Please relock/replace your chests using /cprivate. Will post in game instructions under /protection
Item frames and paintings will now be autoprotected on placement and you can now protect Armor stands via shift left clicking them. This also protects the block you place them on for additional protections. Try avoiding placing these on gravity affected blocks such as gravel and sand. It won't break them but can still move them around if you want them stationary.

Please note that while lockette will still continue to work during this time, it will be officially phased out and removed by december. Please take note of this.

mcMMO has been readded. Rate's have been set to make it so it takes a little bit longer to level some of the combat skills but you can still level up some of the production skills more easily such as repair, woodcutting, and mining.
Swords: Base Rate
Taming: 25% faster
Acrobatics: 10% faster
Excavation: 25% faster
Herbalism: 25% faster
Unarmed: Base Rate
Woodcutting: 50% faster
Mining: 25% faster
Archery: Base Rate
Axes: Base Rate
Repair: 25% faster
Fishing: 25% faster
Alchemy: 10% faster

(EXPONENTIAL: multiplier * level ^ exponent + base)
multiplier: 1.0
exponent: 2.0
base: 2500

PvP has been enabled and a rule has been added about not camping the spawn area. A PvP...