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Hi all,

Just a quick announcement for any that were aware of the issue...

App-based two factor authentication on our website has now been fixed.

There was an issue with the date/time being out of sync on the server causing the server to be expecting the wrong code.

The date/time has now been synced and this is no longer an issue.

For those of you that don't already use two factor authentication I really recommend that you do, it is a great way to protect your account as even if someone managed to obtain your password they still won't be able to access your account.

I recommend the app Authy as it allows you to backup your 2FA accounts in case you change phone.

Google Authenticator works well too but doesn't have a backup function.

For those of you who don't have a smart phone you can also setup email authentication.

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Hi All,

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend :)

Here comes Part 2 aka the Finalé of the Mid-July (what was supposed to be August) update! :D

Guess who's back? Back again? Jobs are back, tell a friend!
You heard it here first, jobs are back on the server. I've completely reconfigured the jobs so (hopefully) they won't supply easy endless amounts of money. I've had to remove some jobs but I have also added a couple new ones. Type /jobs browse in-game to take a look and join a job!

Lottery Changes
Players can now only purchase 1 lottery ticket per lottery.
VIPs and above can purchase up to 3 tickets.

There have been a few little additions to the donator ranks between now and the last update, checkout the DONATE page to find out more.

Hope you enjoy :)
Hello Everybody,

This update was meant for August but I have implemented the majority of changes I wanted to make by August already and the final few things I want to do may take quite a while longer so I wanted to make you all aware of the latest changes before then.

So here goes nothing:

Backend Changes/New Permissions System:
Okay so this one isn't going to mean much to you guys so I won't talk about it too much, but it makes permission management easier and more flexible for me. To implement the new permission system I have had to re-work the forum-minecraft synchronisation code and this is now working as it should be with no bugs.

Donator Updates!
Now this is a series of updates which affects both existing donators and hopefully new donators.
  1. Prices have been updated
    1. Permanent package prices have been updated to be the equivalent of 20 months worth of monthly packages.
    2. Monthly package prices have been changed to the following: VIP:- £2.50, ELITE:- £5, and RAINBRO:- £7.50
  2. New rewards! There has been new rewards added for all donator ranks. Please check the DONATE page to find out more.
Discord Linking:
A minor addition, you can now type /discord link in-game to link your Minecraft and Discord accounts. This will put you into the correct group/role on Discord and apply your Minecraft username as a nickname so everyone knows who you are :)

Home Changes:
You can now purchase a home in each world. Each home costs 1k. Homes are as always free in the overworld (Pawnlands).
Homes now have a 5 second warmup - if you take damage the warmup is cancelled.
ELITE's are exempt from the home warmup and RAINBROS are exempt from the cost of setting a home.

Coloured Signs:
In order to put colours on signs you now required...