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Sticky Application template

Discussion in 'Creative Applications' started by Pawned, 5 Feb 2012.

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  1. Pawned

    Pawned Founder Staff Member

    19 Sep 2010
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    Please note, if you have not played on the server in survival for at least a week, your application will be denied due to not being active enough. Creative is an optional privilege that we give to our trusted and talented members. All builds in the creative world are also eligible for region protections on request.
  2. the_amber_trap

    the_amber_trap Calm down so I can be the angry one. Staff Member

    23 Nov 2010
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    I'm going to add some guidance for screenshots because there seems to be a distinct lack of it and thus no one knows what we want to see. They're easily the most important part of the application, and so I feel this is warranted.

    First, any plagiarized images will immediately result in an application being denied.
    A perfect way to help make sure we know they're your images is to get a friend to take the screenshot with you in the frame. (However, I am aware of how this can be abused and will not immediately presume your presence means you built the object in question.)

    Second, make the builds impressive. If you're showing off a tiny log cabin or cobblestone cubicle, the application will not be approved.
    Nicely appointed interiors help greatly. Using blocks in new ways (trap doors as shelving, for example) or paying close attention to orientation of logs and stairs can really help a build substantially.
    Patterns added to floors, decorative murals, and statues are fantastic ways to show creativity, but a 1pixel:1block replica of your skin is not going to satisfy me in that regard. Showing some sort of dynamism is far more impressive.
    Redstone tends to be tricky to fit into structures (I know, as I've fought with the limitations of it myself) and that will usually push you to build in interesting ways to cover it (unless you just bury it beneath the structure). Redstone automatically makes a build more impressive simply because you introduce an interactive element.

    Size doesn't automatically mean you will get approval. I've seen boring wheat farms that stretch forever, but I made a sweet semi-automatic melon farm that wasn't terribly huge, but still managed to be a fun little build.

    Lastly, if you're going to show a building, I like to see attention paid to details like lights, windows, doors or thresholds, and especially roofs. Anyone can just stack a bunch of blocks at a 45 degree angle (rise=run) but a unique build will use stairs or steps or a combination if the roof is peaked, and cleverly denote the top of the building with a different texture or some other obvious decorative element (like the wood buttons as lintel ends in Hobbits' desert town idea.)

    Masterpieces aren't expected, and we don't demand massive replicas of landmarks or Mira-caliber pixel (and voxel) art. We do, however, need to see that spark of potential that will show us you need to be allowed unfettered access to the Creative world.
  3. Aegis

    Aegis Here kitty kitty kitty! =^● ⋏ ●^=

    2 Nov 2012
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    Added additional note to main post:
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