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Ban Request Warqip

Discussion in 'Report' started by Tootitbootit, 27 Jan 2012.

  1. Tootitbootit

    Tootitbootit The flying Dutchman! RAINBRO

    13 Feb 2011
    Likes Received:
    IGN(In Game Name):
    Warqig (Name is spelled WRONG in thread name!)
    somewhere around 19:45 (GMT+1)
    Abusing the system? Bypassing lockette using a 'bug'.
    Extra comment:
    I have a socalled 'Ramashi Batcave' underneath Ramashi. The only way in is via a signlift, and the signlift is placed inside a fairly small cobblestone home.
    Door locketted, and all.
    Warqip managed to kill me INSIDE the underground area, so he had to bypass the lockette of the above ground home. SlugBoyTom came over, after the mruder Warqip commited.
    He checked some things, but wasnt able to find out what had happened.
    Then Slug went for like, 10 minutes, and xICaerusIx came over and helped me using my 'theory' of what he had done :
    Opening the door, and quickly clicking the signlift.
    He locketted the door on his name, and we tried it out : It worked.
    Small story : Bypassed my Locketted home, killed me after that.
    Captured it with fraps, just to proof it. [Sorry for the bad quality, and such!]
    Dunno where the music came from, i was playing it tho!

    With kind regards,

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