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How to build or join a city. [Minecraft]

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Pawned, 1 Oct 2011.

  1. Pawned

    Pawned Founder Staff Member

    19 Sep 2010
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    This is one of the most asked questions on the server. So, here is a little info about how to do it. An important thing to know before anything else is that: you can only be part of a single city!

    Joining a city
    There is ONE way to join a city. Buy land from the town. If you build just outside the city limits your building will get destroyed. To buy a plot from the town you have to stand in the city. (It will tell you that you're in a city by telling you the city name in orange lettering). When in a town type "/town here". The town information will pop up and so then you can have a look and see who the mayor is. Now you have to ask them (or the assistant) if you can buy a block of land. After that: you'll be invited to the town and you can now build within the building rules. C:

    Building a city
    This is one of the most prestigious things to do on the server. It's time consuming and expensive! Lets ignore the 25k towny mod and 5k portal for a minute to look at the costs of solo building a city. Every block in the city if not placed placed by you will be paid labor or, at the cost of free land. Every block needs to be farmed by you or, bought for the city. Already you can see the prices stacking up.

    It's highly recommended that rather than just outlining some plots in the dirt: that you plan the city. For an example take Haven: I totaled the costs of each plot to make sure I could pay for towny and the portal. But I was aware I could not pay for it to be built. So, that would be up to me. And, the materials would all be at my cost also. Being able to pay for the city is one of the best reasons to design it. Also, so others can build in the world too: build walls around your city so people know where it will end.

    Building a city is a lot about making something beautiful. - It's a creative building game as well as other things. If you're not building a city that is new and fresh why are you building it? Use the dynamic map to see what sort of towns exist already before you make your own. There is no point to having two cities the same. They will be in competition and, boring. :/

    So good luck joining one of our many cities or, starting your own new, collective.

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